My Manifesto Preparation

Process 2:


These are  pieces of patterns that I will use to make bows.

I’m using tracing paper and dictionary paper to show how do the layers’ work?

They are totally 81 pieces which they are make 27 pieces of bows


This is part 1:

I got 24 design from 3 patterns and will make it more to reach 27 design.

As you can see, they are made from the same pattern which used three layer each.

From this point, I just try to show how can I work as a designer?

Normally, this pattern of bow are the basic pattern that

people normally make it in just one way by following the instruction,

but we are a designer who should create sth different or

find the new ways to show how are they can be.

This is a whole manifesto which came up from my ideas about

” Design is about Playing”

Thank you

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