Aegis Data Update!


The correct pantone for Aegis Data new corporate identity. Today I have discuss with some friend and tutor about the colour pantone and we agree to use this colour

Screen Shot 2557-03-31 at 9.43.29 PM

This is other part of my work that I helps Chen (one of my team) to create a sample look of website for Aegis Data. This is just the first look from the beginning that I have discuss today. Chen will edit more about content and other part. I just did my graphic part for the website.


❤ Pear


Corperate Identity

Today, we discuss about logo for Aegis. It is very hard to say how it is going to work. I start develop from the idea of Data living and try to make the flowing.


 After try to finalise the logo, I start to do a corporate identity with stationary. I still using an Ideas about the heart rate (living) to design an envelop, business card and Latter paper


At the end, I start to make a manual of branding. It’s still need to develop and add some more information. However, redesign branding is quite hard for me. Normally, I didn’t like to create something like this.


Ps: The corporate colour still be the same as the present version that quite have a good meaning.

Blue is loyalty, security, trust and intelligence

Orange is courage, confident, friendliness and success



Logos: A Look at the Meaning in Colors


There are thousands of companies marketing themselves to consumers (both prospective and returning) several times per day, all of them with their own unique logo. Even the simplest company logos have a high amount of thought and time put into them, from logos representing small businesses all the way to logos for colossal corporations. One of the most important aspects in choosing the symbol that will define your company, and thus the self-image that your are presenting to your prospective consumer, is not necessarily the design itself but rather its color.

Today’s infographic comes to us from The Logo Company and gives us a look into the choice of colors worn by the logos that we see every day. Do you want your company to give off a sense of excitement or boldness? Red might be the color for you then. How about if you want your customers to feel like your company is trustworthy and dependable? You might want a nice, light shade of blue in that case.

There are several ways that companies present themselves and their image to customers, and logos (and their colors) are just one of them. For more information on logos and the meaning of their colors, refer to the infographic below.


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