Target audience



• Females aged 21to 35
• Working women who live in urban city.
• They have competitive life and want to be successful.
• Their life have a chance to meet a lot of people.
• Their career can be AE, business women, organizer, marketing etc.
• Income: Over than 3,000 Pounds per month
• Educational: Bachelor Degree and over.
• They normally wear 60% high street, 30% designer and 10% vintage & DIY

• Brands:

& Other stories (Clearly inspired by street style fashion and blogs, the women’s clothing brand has naturally created its own bespoke communication style. & Other Stories is finding its target market by getting mention on the Web and hobnobbing with online fashion icons. These tastemakers are not necessarily spokespersons for the brand but rather sources of inspiration who give their take on the store’s collection under the rubric “Stylist Story.”)

Zara (Zara’s target market is young, price-conscious, and highly sensitive to the latest fashion trends. Zara’s strategy is to offer cutting edge fashion at affordable prices by following fashion and identifying which styles are “hot”, and quickly getting the latest styles into stores)

• Book&Magazine:

Elle (Research reveals that 55.2% of readers are within 18-34 range, and 45.8% within 25-49 range. This magazine has an average reader age of 32. Forty percent of readers are single, and the median household income is $69,973.”Our readers are young enough to think about life as an adventure and old enough to have the means to live it”, said Robbie Myers, editor in chief.)

Cosmopolitan (This trendy and modern lifestyle magazine focuses on the women of today. If offers information and advice on a variety of topics important in a women’s life. Results show that 69% of readers are in the 18-34 range, and 30% in the 35-49 range. Cosmopolitan has an average reader age of 30.)

• Sports: Yoga, Tennis, Swimming , Badminton

• Hangout Place: Coffee shop, Fusion food and restaurant, Big department store


• Have their own personal style
• Like new things and love to be different
• Proud of yourself and enjoy to dress up
• Try to take fashion not too seriously
• Have self confident and modern thinking


Life in colour: Susie Lau



From : http://www.theguardian.com/dulux-lets-colour-awards/life-in-colour-susie-lau

I’d go for a colourful thing from a charity shop over a black versace suit every time. everything in black stays at the back of the wardrobe.’ Photograph: Michael Thomas Jones

London-based fashion blogger Susie Lau, 30, was working in advertising, “and not on the creative side”, when she began to share her obsession for colourful clothing online. Slowly, her Style Bubble blog became a must-read for fashionistas all over the world, who admired her individuality, bravery and forthright opinions.

Last year she was named Colour Ambassador at the inaugural 2013 Dulux Let’s Colour Awards, in recognition of a love of colour that has enabled her to quit the day job to work in fashion full-time.

“I was very surprised to receive it,” she says of the award. “I didn’t expect such a thing to exist. I didn’t set out to be an ambassador for colour: I’m not a designer, my output is a blog.

“Still, I love colour and that’s what I’ve become known for. It’s just how I’ve always dressed, ever since I could dress myself. As soon as I could afford or make my own clothes, what I’ve always been attracted to has been bright.”

So, given the choice between a colourful outfit from a charity shop and, say, a brand-new black suit from a top designer like Versace, which would she choose?

“I’d go for the colourful thing from a charity shop over a black Versace suit every time. Everything I have in black stays unworn in my wardrobe. Even if it’s a pair of jeans, there always has to be something funny about the jeans, some colour or something.”

Does she enjoy the effect her sense of colour has on others?

“I dress to please myself, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware. It’s a thing that makes me happy more than anything else, but it’s nice when there’s a secondary effect, like when a builder tells me I look cheerful. Some people laugh at it.”

The last laugh is very much with Lau. This is a woman living a Technicolor dream. “Thanks to the blog, I’m now effectively a full-time blogger, freelance writer, stylist and consultant. I’ve found myself with a strange new career and everything is still very new to me. There are a lot of grey areas and uncertainty.” Has she encountered animosity from the “established” writers on the fashion circuit?

“I get asked that a lot, but it’s not just an issue in fashion. Wherever you’ve got an uncontrollable online rabble supposedly taking away the living of other people, there’s bound to be resentment. “But I really don’t see it that way. Our media landscape is changing dramatically, and the way people consume information is changing dramatically. We are at the stage where we bloggers are just starting to integrate.”

Integrating? Or taking over? Whatever happens next, it’s people like Lau who make the world a more colourful place for us all to enjoy.

The Dulux Let’s Colour Awards 2014

Now in their second year, the Dulux Let’s Colour Awards recognise those whose work with colour has enriched our lives in six categories: Homes & Interiors; Fashion & Beauty; Technology & Design; The Arts; Contribution to Colour; Colour Ambassador and the publicly voted Colour Moment of the Year. In the coming weeks look out for coverage of the award winners, and selected entries to the Guardian’s special Camera Club assignment, in association with Dulux.


Susie Lau interview

* Some part of her interview from 


Interview by 

Wrapping up: Susie Lau, aka Susie Bubble, at New York fashion week earlier this month.

Describe your style.
Very eclectic. I mix up different styles. I love colour, I love print and enjoy trying lots of different things.

What’s your favourite item right now?
A bright orange faux-fur coat. It’s pretty pimping! I wore it a lot in New York because it’s the warmest thing ever. I was a blob of orange bobbing up and down in a sea of black. Quite a look.

What are your style tips for this spring/summer?
Lots of reflective fabric and sheeny, shiny metallics. Pleated skirts too. There’s going to be a lot of that on the high street. Plus what I would call “maximal expression”: art-inspired prints, abstract patterns and bold graphics.

Would you like to see more different body shapes on the runway too?
If I’m truly honest, I’m not sure it’ll ever happen. What designers are going for at shows is a uniform look to show off the clothes and let the audience see the lines. That doesn’t mean it’s right, that’s just the way it is. Editorial and advertising are more likely to change than catwalk. Magazines are already showing more naturalistic shapes. But I don’t agree with this clamour for “real” or “normal” either. Everything’s heightened in fashion. A lot of this industry is a fantasy.

Article from 



Peering out from behind her heavy, glossy black fringe, Susie Lau is wide-eyed with excitement. Dressed in an Erdem organza cape and matching floral-print blouse, it’s easy to see why the 29-year-old’s adventurous style is devoutly followed by thousands around the globe on her blog, Style Bubble. The eldest of four sisters (Lau is British-born Chinese with both parents from Hong Kong) she realised the dividends of straight-talking early on: the Londoner’s honest and analytical musings have established her as a pioneer who has helped shape fashion’s current landscape, with an appeal that reaches and far and wide.

‘I never intended to get into the fashion industry. I studied history at University College London and I was working in advertising when I set up my blog seven years ago. I started it as a way of expressing my love of fashion without actually working in the industry, because I never thought I could. Somehow, two years later I ended up atDazed & Confused as the online editor. I think it came about because fashion started to embrace bloggers, whereas before we were outsiders and publications didn’t understand us. I was part of that first wave when blogging archetypes were set; commentators, street style, personal style – my peers were people like Garance Doré, Scott Schuman and Imran Amed. We made it up as we went along: today bloggers are editors, web editors and stylists.

Image‘Being a blogger is an all-encompassing role. My day-to-day routine really varies. In London, I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, researching, writing and editing photos, or I will be out and about visiting studios, exhibitions, conducting interviews and taking pictures. I work for myself so I have to do everything by myself. If I’m travelling, my days can be filled with literally anything. I love discovering different scenes in different cities. Fashion is so global now, so it’s nice to visit places like Shanghai, Bangkok and Istanbul. Discovery is the best part of my job. It’s exciting and makes me want to work faster and keep up with the pace of the digital world.

‘Leaving the house presents itself as an opportunity to wear your favourite things. I like wearing all of mine at once, and if they clash a little bit then that’s OK. I’ve never really been into jeans – I’m getting more into them lately and will wear ripped styles with a denim jacket and a matching shirt. But I’m just as comfortable in a pair of loud printed trousers as I am jeans.

‘My style has definitely evolved. I’ve gone through so many phases; at one point I would wear only after 1940s’ tea dresses, but I don’t have good hair for victory rolls. It’s important to go through these things. Even now I wouldn’t say the way I dress is my final developed style – there is no final stage, there’s only evolution.

‘Hot weather brings out the maximalist in me. Even in summer I’m still the person who wears loads of layers. Two years ago I went to Orange County in California and I couldn’t have stuck out any more. I was on the beach wearing an orange bathing suit with a little jacket on top and some sheer trousers over my one-piece – all topped off with a big hat. But that’s my idea of beachwear. I’m the person who can’t stop decorating a cake. I can’t just put one flower on; I’ll add another, then stars, then hundreds and thousands. More is more.

‘My wardrobe is 30% vintage, 30% high street, 30% designer. When I travel, I seek out great vintage places. Tokyo is my favorite city for shopping – it’s where I go for my second-hand Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe fixes. I naturally go for show pieces and end up spending more money than intended to, but I can’t help it, I buy from the heart. My closet is organised chaos but there are vague sections; obviously there’s the after 1940s’ tea dress section but I don’t wear them any more so they just sit there, rather forlornly.

The story of Susie Lau

THIS IS ME – Susie Lau

My name is Susie Lau. I write a fashion blog “ Stylebubble”.
• DIY thing, Couple of my mom trouser
• I like a statement short when I go to Tokyo
• Growing in Camden, London: inspired by vintage clothing and punk … All these kind of difference things
• Study history
• Blog is like purely escape… Like a fun thing you do not for a living but for fancy.
• I just like embroidery… They’re pretty.
• Fashion observer from travelling… fashion environment, exhibition, see thing in person and blogging thing.
• I try everything. I like thing to where I go and thing to eat.

Closet Confessions presents Susie Bubble

Style Bubble’s Susie Lau talks fashion and blogging

How did Growing up in London Affect Your Style?
• Grow up in London, Camden
• Punk, madness … all a bit experience came together

What helped shape your unique view of fashion?
• Difference deceptive … I didn’t study in fashion. I didn’t style out in fashion.

What made you decide to go it alone?
• At this moment I go to full time with the blog.
• Fashion blogging is growing up. I can see fashion blogging is publishing in publication.

What technology do you use for blogging?
• I probably doesn’t use everything that available but I use the thing a sensual.
• Skype, Photoshop… I like to keep thing in the minimum.
• You can do pretty much thing on the small scale.

How do you separate work and play?
• To be honest, I am available workaholic. I really don’t see the kind of separation between blogging on a couch 9pm at night and real life physic work.
• One work to the other.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?
• Portfolio festival, not so much… Fashion to feed the brain

What’s next for Susie Bubble?
• I’m going to write the book and it will publish in 2015.
• It is really about my approach to style. I’m been doing a lot of travelling to source of got content to the book. Meet in testing people.
• I try to compline all of that into … anthology style

Interview: Susanna Lau aka Susie Bubble

Susie Bubble – Chic Chat – THE OUTNET

• I think people tend to like .. oh I can never dress like you do
• Try a little bit out from your comfort zone because I think people to often scare by cloth too easily.
• I try to encourage people not take it too seriously ( don’t take fashion too seriously)
• I love everything killer especially London designers like Richard NicoLL, Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab

Susiebubble styles at JOYCE


Electric Run in London



This is my 1st time of 5K running.
It is very fantastic event around Wembley stadium.

All the path is decorate by light and neon colour.
I thought, it is more than 1,000 people run together last night.


This running is supported for BCC charity. I’m very enjoy and fun with my lovely friends and that moments.




enjoy with the moment 🙂


Fantastic electric run 2014



❤ Pear