The Story of Fashion with Karl Lagerfeld

“…in fashion timing is everything. The greatest designer changing greatest sense. The sense is about the colour & the future idea…”

“…Clothe become much more than to be a 2nd skin…”

“…It was right moment for the right fashion and the right fashion to right moment..” Karl Lagerfeld

a designer = design
a stylist = present a point of view

“elegance is physical to do with attitude” – Karl Lagafeld

This movie introduce an ideas of fashion from the 50s to 80s. Designers are the person who make a trend and almost of their ideas come from society and environment. Wearing high fashion can’t make you look good, even it help a little but poor people can be look good as week if they have style. Fashion help people to express their personality and cover our skin and make it look more interesting.


The Story of Fashion with Karl Lagerfeld. (1996) Directed by Eila Hershon [DVD] Germany: Arthaus Musik.