Loy kra tong festival in UK


Today is Thai Loy kra tong festival day.
Me and my friends go to Thai temple at Wimbledon.
Many Thai people in UK came here to respect for the Buddha and do respect
for the god of rivers.


I told my friend how Kra tong are made from banana trunk aod we put some flowers and pray.!!!!

I’m really enjoy to show the our traditional.

It’s other good day to do sth special with them.


We are normally put Kra tong in the big river and sometime

It was made from bread which help them to feeding fishes as the same time. 🙂


This is Kra tong … but this is not the traditional one..

as u can see some of them is burned because it was made from paper.


Me.May.Victorai.Tiantian and photo by P’pop


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