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The correct pantone for Aegis Data new corporate identity. Today I have discuss with some friend and tutor about the colour pantone and we agree to use this colour

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This is other part of my work that I helps Chen (one of my team) to create a sample look of website for Aegis Data. This is just the first look from the beginning that I have discuss today. Chen will edit more about content and other part. I just did my graphic part for the website.


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Research Article

Colour And Personal Branding

“When you walk into your closet each morning, you are doing much more than simply getting dressed for the weather, you are creating an image that either represents who you are, or you are allowing your clothing and fashion to determine that for you.”



“Selecting your brand colors can take some time to ensure that the emotional reaction associated with the colors you choice actually represents your personal brand attributes.”



“Dressing for success today is about reflecting your authentic self in a way that attracts your target audience. ”



Report: New Corporate Identity for Aegis data

Component 1 : Professional Practice

by Chavisa Piankit (Pear)

New Corporate Identity for Aegis data

Aegis Data is a new data company based in Godalming, United Kingdom. It forms a highly secure, resilient and efficiently cooled data centre environment, providing power, space, freedom and peace of mind for its customers with 24/7 online access. Aegis Data has a plan to expand their company in the near future and become a leader in their field. To support the development, Aegis Data needs an impressive brand personality.

Fig.1 Aegis Data Company logo

According to my role, I focus on business branding which is the first look of company. The company need more strong corporate identity which consistent with the organization. Firstly, I start to develop my idea from the meaning of the word “Aegis”, which mean shield and protection. Secondly, I do a research about typography, which can support the mood and tone of energetic, modern and dynamic under the concept of the creative virtual world. As a result, I found two different type of typography that answer the mood and tone of Aegis Data Company. First step of my design begins with the font name “Neometric” which has a shape of geometric form and other font name “Circo” which has a strong shape of sharp edge and smooth curve. (Fig.2) I create three different logo to find the best look that answer the image of Aegis Data. However, after discuss with the team, we agree to choose the second design; Circo font to developing for company logo. Nevertheless, the team has an idea to combine the concept of company “living data” with “data flowing”. Consequently, I tries to make the letters to join as a single glyph. This technique is called the typographic ligature. The word “Aegis” will start to write from the letter “A” until finish at “S” without stop. It shows an idea when the company sends the data pass through the connecting cable or network with a strong and secure ways. Moreover, the logo can show the stage of being human, which powerful, knowledgeable and benevolent.

Screen Shot 2557-03-19 at 2.54.53 PM

Fig.2 Typography for Aegis Data logo

Furthermore, the complete look of logo is developing from the symbolic of heart rate that give the meaning of living. I start to cut out some sharp edge of the font, which mix a round corner and straight line and make the letters are connecting and flowing together. (Fig.3) As conclusion with my team, we want to add some gimmick inside the logo. The company believe “Data is the life blood of business” so this new logo will be the image that show data live (or come alive) and the customer can extracts value from their data. From the new logo, the word of Aegis is designed to see in two different ways. Firstly, the company name “Aegis” which connecting together like a cable network of data. Secondly, The symbolic of heart rate is hiding inside a single glyph, which gives the meaning of living data as a company concept. Nonetheless, the corporate colour of the company still uses Green-Blue and Orange. These two colour can give the strong corporate which is not the same as other data companies. Green-blue signifies loyalty, security, trust and intelligence, while orange signifies courage, confidence, friendliness and success. The logo will have more stronger look by combining the logo and colour together that deliver more clear image for Aegis Data Company.


Fig.3 Developing process of logo


Fig.4 Corporate identity

However, the image for organization supposes to have a complete whole branding design for the company. I start with the term of use for logo by assigning the correct colour with a pantone code and create another alternative permitted use for the variation of logo such as black and white and invert colour for use in different conformation. Moreover, the company has plan to expand their company in the near future, so it need the element graphic to connect with the headquarter for instance, Aegis one and Aegis two, so I design the symbolic to link with the main logo by using the semi circle as a curve of shield. Manifestly, the new logo version just try to bring a sense of humanity in to data business by using curve line as a simple graphic element that can link a whole corporate together.


Fig.5 Stationary

At last, stationary is another important part for corporate because it is use for connecting between company and customer. Important documents usually print on the paper that has the letterhead of company logo. Letterhead and business card are represented the company image and give a strong identity between company and their clients. The flowing of data is used the same main concept to develop the design. The movement of lifeblood is cutting off the sharp edge to be smooth flow line, which add more curves. It shows the strong main line that sending and connects the data from Aegis Data Company to their clients.

In conclusion, corporate identity for Aegis Data delivers the look of flowing data with the humanity and friendly feeling. It delivers modern appealing to invite people to see a fast and highly secure service of company. Aegis Data provides a storage space with strongly security and fast accessible to the database. Accordingly, the new completely corporate identity of Aegis data can be the alternative way to rebranding the company identity for support the growth of the organization in the future.



Aegis Data. (2013) Aegis Data Company Website. At: http://www.aegisdata.net (Accessed on 29.03.14)

Illustration and Image

Fig.1 Unknown. Aegis Data Company Logo. [Logo] At: http://www.aegisdata.net (Accessed on 24.03.2014)
Fig.2 Piankit, C. Typography for Aegis Data logo. [Logo]
Fig.3 Piankit, C. Developing process of logo. [Chart]
Fig.4 Piankit, C. Corporate Identity. [Logo]
Fig.5 Piankit, C. Stationary. [Stationary]


FMP Poster : Project Preview

 This is my design poster for the first preview of my final major project. I use hand drawing to represent the personal identity. This poster is keeping the look of diary or scrapbook that people can draw anywhere and can take the note for remind themselves or collect the memorable thing. I think the signature of hand drawing is the best thing that can represent a personal concept.

Screen Shot 2557-03-27 at 7.15.05 PM

Step 1: I have to find the correct  visual language that will answer my concept for the poster. The first look is weird and I don’t like the feeling of the whole look. I feel something missing so I change them and draw again.

photo 1

Step 2: I do layout for my poster and collect an idea of what I want to put inside the poster. I draws the woman that can be any ordinary person. I try to present one ordinary woman as a brand.


Step 3: I just combine everything together and add some more colours. I use illustrator for edit the drawing part and use photoshop to play with texture of material for montage part.

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