1st Draft of Design Brief

Design Brief

By Chavisa Piankit (Pear)

Title : ???

(Research Question)

How the perception of colours in our life have impact to the way of living?


       In the asian countries, people believe about the meanings of various colours has an affect to their life. Colours have different meanings that effect to moods, which directly recognise in personal perspective. Psychologists believe that the colours are associated with physical, mental, emotional to feel like or dislike with something.

        We would not deny that colour influence our lives, for instance, buying a new car, choosing clothes and even commercial (soap, toothbrush and shampoo) are required different colour and taste to attract people. Clothes are the one of four requisites, which help us to cover our body in everyday. According to “To Die For” Book, Lucy Stegle, British writer said that in average, people buy clothes 28 kilograms per person each year. Therefore, it show that people are buying cloth without asking themselves “ Do they need it and is it really necessary? Nowadays, a new fashion style called “ethic fashion” that emphasis to “Ethic”. It has responsible to people, society and environment, which become a trend of this century. Ethic fashion provide consumers for another option to save the world by starting from the clothes that they choose to wear. Western people believe that choosing colour of cloth can effect to lifestyle each day. However, Colours have psychological effect with people, which encourage feeling by interacting with many factor such as culture and belief.

        This project aim to research the visual perception of colour, which affect to lifestyle, personality and the way of choosing cloth that based on beliefs and psychology of colours. Moreover, it try to persuade people to learn basic fundamental knowledge of using colour in the real life. This project will invite people to play and have more fun with their clothes by using theory of colour psychology to create their own personal attitude of wearing cloth. People can create they own style, which different and look new in everyday. 


People are not realize that the way of using colours have effect to our life.


  • For give other option to persuade people play with their clothes and present their own unique style according to their taste.
  • For inspired people about the way of using colour therapy

Target group:


Gender : female 18-30 years

Education : high school – Bachelor degree

Income : 5,000- 12,000 Baht / 100 – 2,000 Pounds per month


Have their own style

Like new things and be different

Proud of yourself and enjoy to dress up

have self confident and modern thinking

Concept :

The variety of atmosphere

Support :

         When the children play, they are playing things with their own imagination. They build up their creativity on paper or toy. From only one toy, children can make 10 stories or more and it make connection between both things and the owner. People always easy to bored clothes because they are easy to get and easy to forget. Structure and Colour from nature and environment will inspired people a new idea of using colour in a daily life.

 Mood&tone :

delightful, friendly and play


Outcome :

  • a set of decoration item for body, which link to the way of wearing by colour psychology
  • Book : story about colour

Desired Responses:

  • People understand about the connection between colour and behaviour of wearing cloth.

Scope / Media type:

paper, acrylic, thread, etc (new material)

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