Critical Appraisal

According to this semester, the final major project is developed much far from the beginning. It is more complex in term of design, but completely more clear and easier to understand about the format of the outcome. This semester is quite faster than I think. I have to focus on my work and manage the time, which have to develop together with the progress of design. Final major project is an opportunity to learned and developing myself to work like a professional designer. I have gained a lot of experience to work in variety ways. This essay will analyse and reflect what have I done in this semester. It will explain the process, ideas and developing of design through my project. Evermore, I will do a strength and weakness from my point of view and finally give my own opinion.

Analysing an idea
At the beginning of this term, I have a chance to discuss my project with my tutors and classmates, which help me to gain new ideas of design and find the focus point of my topic. It was lead me to see what is missing and what I need to improve through my project. Apparently, the first research topic is about colour theory and clothing only, which it was too basic and have many people do the similar project in this area. Then the tutors are recommended that I should make it more complex by using somebody such as fashion blogger or celebrity who dressing in colour and explain the colour theory through her style. As a result, I chose Susana Lau or Susie bubble who I did research about how she dressing in colour in the last semester. Susana Lau is the fashion blogger based in London. The reason why I chose her to be a model is because she was named Colour Ambassador at the inaugural 2013 “Dulux Let’s Colour Awards” (The guardian, 2014) and in the same year she was chosen by fashion museum to pick dress of the year that epitomises the last 12 months of fashion. (Unknown, 2014) Lau have identified about dressing in colour. Her style of dressing is special and look fun.

Developing process
First of all, my first plan is started to do some overview about her profile and background. I read some article, interview and saw some video that mention about her. After that, I tried hard to get contact with her for an interview, but it didn’t success. So I start second plan to find some article, which related to combination of colour in clothing and then I started match, her photo with the related article and extracted her styling of clothes with the colour theory. With some luck, during the term, I joined the competition in her blog, which she was collaborated host with Hermes and I was the one who Susie selected to join the silk ball. It was a good opportunity to meet and have some talked with her about this project. After that day, I kept contact with her and I did an interview, which based on how she use colour to mix and match her clothes by email. Furthermore, the interview gave me some ideas how she choose clothes and colour to wear.

However, the hardest part of this project is the developing process of design. I came up with the layout of the book and then the function of the book. Lay out of the book is requiring a lot of detail, which have to make every page look come together. Design developing is the most important process to develop the outcome. I used the reference of layout from many sources of fashion magazine, which including print magazine and online magazine such as ELLE and Vogue. Some of designs are very useful and give some ideas of sequence about contents and photo. All along this semester, I spent the most of time to develop the lay out design, which have big, change about four times. The first ideas of the book are look more playfulness. It will include a lot of task to let’s people play and learn in the same time. It is the reason why the first design is look too young and childish, which look like play book for children. In the same way, the second design is not change from the first that much, but I try to make the layout look more complex. However, content and picture are looked too tight in space and it is difficult to read and find the main ideas of each page. So I decided to change the entire layout again, which will more focus on space and balance of layout.

Developing 1

Book design no.1

Developing 2

Book design no.2

In addition, the third design is all about find out the right graphic language. I tried to use some of illusion to describe the article, which did not distract the picture and layout. This design is given more white space but the text still got less line space. Nevertheless, the entire layout didn’t come together. I feel it look more like untidy box, which ran out of grids. However, I tried harder to play more with white space and shape of photo. According to the fourth design, I cut some part of the photo out and made it gather like a group. I gave the page with more white space and used contents and photos to create some shape. As a result, the layout look much more better and it give a fresh feeling like playing puzzle. Finally, I think the final layout is quite succeeded in term of limit space in A5. Contents and pictures look completely fit together and it is much easier to read in sequence.

Developing 3

Book design no.3

Developing 4

Book design no.4

On the other hand, the function part of the book is quite complex. At first, the scarf is going to be just only some part of activity in book, but after I started to design some part, it can be the key of the entirely book. So I create the scarf, which link the step of colour theory and clothing together by starting with the colour wheel until it expands to be a complex pattern with the mix of full colour. The problem of this design is it quite logical design. I have to focus on design that give some meaning and get rid of all decoration.

Scarf design based on colour theory

According to the primary research, I got the good feed back from the Susie bubble that is kind and welcome to help me to develop my project. Her interview is quite useful and gives ideas of how she manage her cloth and styling of dressing. I take some of her ideas and analyse them with her photo. Her interview makes my project look more real and tangible. Furthermore, the result of the survey is exactly answer the first hypothesis of target and design that I set at the beginning of the project. The survey proved that the most encourage people to try new fashion style is fashion blogger and most of women got inspiration from magazine. It is answered the point why I use magazine to be my layouts’ reference and why I choose Susie bubble. Nevertheless, to step out from my comfort zone and try different style are given me new point of view and experience of work which have to answer the brief.

On the other hand, I need to improve my skill of design and time management. This semester is more about focus on my design, so I have to manage the time and try to reach the target as step by step. However, other hardest part of this project is to find the good picture that matches what to article that I used to explain about the colour theory. It is quite difficult to find a good resolution, which have nice post. I have to mange to quantity of the content and find quality of picture, which both should be fit on double page.

Strength and weakness

From my point of view, this project contained a lot of detail, which quite challenge for me. The weakness point of the project is about articles in the book that I collected from various international bloggers and fashion websites. Sometime it is not given clear ideas and some of them contain writer opinion. According to my article research, I found many bloggers and some fashion website always write about how to wear combination of colour which, update and change in every season. Some website used celebrity or actress to be an inspiration for their article. Sometime, it showed how to mix and match colour with the related trend on that period. However, I tried to find some book that write about colour and dressing, but the result is most of them related to myth, believe and colour psychology, which not directly relate to my project, so the articles in this book are kind of combined various details which I mixed the colour theory with some fashion advice.

The strength point of this project is the pictures of Susie Bubble in different cloth can explain every chapter very well. Susie wear various style of clothes which, showed different way of mix and match. The various style of clothes is helped me to choose the best one that match with each article. The other point is, I got some answer from her interview which quite help me a lot to get into her and understand what she thought. When I start choosing her picture, I have to analyse what is she thought when she mix and match and it suppose to incorporate with the article. However, Susie bubble never have this kind of publishing book before. It is kind of original analyse her style through colour theory.


In conclusion, I have learned a lot of experience with all process of design. I think, the project is driven me on the progress to develop myself as a professional designer. The project is lived and tangible. It included a critical research with real target that taught me to work more logic. Moreover, I have learnt to stop and listen what other people think about my design, so I can adapt and try exchange more ideas with other people. The new vision from difference angle always give the new perspective to my life and my design. In the same way, my tutors and the new environment gave me more endure with myself. I am very what I did for this semester. Everything I did at the beginning is drive me to this point. After hard work all this term, the book and scarf is looking good and it’s now become a part of my life. However, this project is gained more challenging to myself. It is the new lesson that prepare me to be a good designer in the future. I archived what I was expect at the beginning and very happy with the end result.



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