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At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence not anxiety. So we created Dove: Patches and invited women to discover how the right state of mind can unlock a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women. Become part of the journey that will empower women around the world with the message that beauty is a state of mind.


Critical Appraisal

According to my final major project, I have learned more than I expected. This project gives me a various skills to develop my research. I have a chance to think and discuss with my classmate and my tutor who try to open new perspective view for improve and make my project clearer. I have gained a lot of experiences to challenge with myself and find my own graphic language. This essay will analyse and reflect what I have done for this semester. It will explain my knowledge and my experiences through this project. Evermore, I will do an analysis of advantages and disadvantages from my point of view and finally give my own opinion.

First of all, at the beginning of this term I try to find the topic of my project. I starts to look at various sources such as books, website, magazines, blogs and also Pinterest. I found myself interested in a design that can give people more playfulness in their life. I have researched about paper, clothing, materials and colour, which show many aspects of ideas. However, I came up with many ideas but it is too complex to explain and not clear. Then, my tutor suggested me to write all ideas and do mind-mapping to see all the ideas and make prominent to the significant one. After that, I got the main idea that focus on “Colour and playfulness”, so I did an analysis about it to find the right direction. I have to said that, it was very hard at the first step to collects all information and combines them together. By the same token, various data and load of inspiration is driven me to reach more far as the beginning.

According to the primary research of colour, I found many interesting ideas such as how colour can affect to our life and how colour can enhance people to develop personality. It is quite an interesting research question because it can adapt to use in our daily life. Although colour is significant function that most of designers use to develop their design, it is not easy to understand colour in term of psychology. I’m happy with the way that I have seen many articles, which inspired an idea how colour is going to work with people. There are advantages of colour, which helps to heal our mood and physical. It can create the image and personal appearance for people. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of colour. For instance, if people have depression and weakness some colour can make the mood more down and seriousness. Consequently, I need to focus on the right point, which I try to inspire people to use more colour in life.

In addition, the secondary research is more complex task. I have to find the keys about colour such as meaning, colour and personality, colour and culture and colour in marketing. As this step, the keys point are given me the facts about colour which based on psychology. I analysed all data by writing the text that I collected from many source of book in library and I also read some article that have a case study about colour as well. Even more, I had a chance to talk with Kate Scully who has worked as the colour and fabric editor of several forecast publications. She suggested me to see more website and book that related to colour such as WSGN. Nevertheless, I scoped my area by doing concept board to see the various ways that people play with colour. According to my research, I found people familiar with colour but sometime they don’t know how to combine the colour and they don’t have strong confidence to make themselves look different. At this point, I found out the way to connect the colour with personal branding by using colour of clothing to clarify why you are different and unique and what you stand for as a person. The benefits of this process is helped me to see the problems of the topic. It’s the main key that I have to solve.

Furthermore, the tertiary research is based on secondary sources. I am still working on this process. I think, I have to research more about how do I educate people by using and idea of colour and personal branding. I need to focus on the lesson that I try to teach people about colour but also add some interactive part. Eventually, I need to find the correct graphic language to produce my work. I want to use this project as apart of my experiment to represent my graphic style and create my own way to talk with the audience.

In conclusion, the project is going on developing process. I think it still needs to do a lot of things. Next semester, it will be my tough time. I have to create the look of my educational package and the tasks of lessons that will increase in complexity as reader moves through the book. Each task supposes to have lesson to study about colour and fun elements that relate to clothing for personal branding. However, the project is gained my new perspective on the roles of colour and personal branding which very challenge for me. I enjoy developing and trying my best to complete it in the nearly future. This is going to be my new knowledge and experience, which will increase an opportunity to evolve my skill as a designer.


Report: An Identity Redesign for Aegis Data

Component 2: Contextual Theory

By Chavisa Piankit (Pear)

An Identity Redesign for Aegis Data

“There is no doubt that branding
has moved up the organisation,
CEOs are now involved in the brand
it is a board level discussion” Robert Jones

Branding represents the brand’s place in the market. The image of company is setting by corporate identity, which makes people to recognize the type of company. An identity redesign is challenging task that has directly affected to the business. Aegis Data is the new face data company that has the competitors over 100 companies around United Kingdom. The company need the corporate identity that stands out from their competitors. A strong corporate identity will help them to reach a step to be a top leading Data Company in the future.

Screen Shot 2557-02-12 at 11.51.19 AM

Fig.1 The Statistics of Data Company Location in UK

An equally significant aspect of branding has become a fundamental part of companies, organisation and individual. A brand represents the full personality of the company, which link between company and the audience. It is not just a logo or name, but it is the totally image of company. Even more, the strong corporate identity will boost the value of the company. The service, product and people of organization are all part of the brand that represents the direction of company. In addition, Aegis Data is the strong business that provides the space to save the data over around the world. It provides highly secure facilities with uninterrupted power, cooling, diverse and resilient telecommunication networks to the outside world. The concept behind the company which refer “Data is the live blood of the business.” is become a key for their business of secure, protected and accessible by those authorised. Redesign Identity for Aegis Data is require to show a strong security, trust, intelligence but still represent friendliness and easy to access by the audiences.

Furthermore, data company is the type of business that difficult to access. Most of people don’t familiar with the type of technical company. Even though, data company is growing faster for support more database, but it is still difficult to approach by common people. Evermore, the competitor is risen more than in the past. The companies like Apple (Icloud) or Intel will be the early top option in the market. The new data company need to created a selling point and distinctive image to become the leading company in the future.

On the other hand, there are many advantages of Aegis Data company. It is providing a new technology that faster, safer and more security. It also supports significantly reduce of expenditure by using the free air to cooling their machine. By the same token, Aegis data can answer the need of their clients, which required trust, security, cost effectiveness, speed and efficiency. According to the Aegis Data said, “Our experience is your guarantee.” so the company will offer their clients with the best value, benefit and the best service. Thus, all of these advantages can use to support the background for redesigning the corporate of company.

Evidently, the corporate brand role is depending on prominent of brand position. The same categories of business will have the image that reflects the same type of brand. For instance, almost of data companies show the same shape of logo that they are using a circle to represent the global networking and connecting of data. From the figure below, it shows the logo from some data company in United Kingdom which use the similar style that show the company name and tagline of concept under the main logo. (Fig.1) They try to represent the similar concept of networking that online all 24/7. It gives the same image which makes people understand them as data companies. Aegis data company logo’s use a typeface which does not fit with the circle shield behind the logo and it also use tagline with the symbolic of heart rate that make confuse meaning for the concept of company. However, There is significant that most of technology companies use blue to signify security and intelligence such as IBM, Intel, Facebook and Dell etc. Aegis Data is categorize in that group, but it use a blue-green shade which is an outstanding among the group. It use special colour that seldom see in a corporate.

Logo coperate

Fig.2 Logo of Data Company in UK

By the same token, the strong corporate identity can make the company stand out from the similar type of business. The corporate identity is over all image of business. A brand strategy involves creating a look and feeling, which include brand language and tone of voice as well as logo and name. (Davis, 2009) Naming and logo are important for develop a corporate identity. Logo is the first visual identity that makes people remember the company. According to the book Logo Power by David E. Carter said, “The logo must be memorable, simple and legible.” Logo has to work for all graphic media, so the company can use it with their letterhead and business card. Even more, the identity must work for long term. Aegis Data is a case study that still able to develop their branding because it still use mix source of graphic element that make it not strong enough to represent their branding . According to Aegis Data website and documents, it show various typography which not link with the logo and some info-graphic that look more modern than their corporate logo.

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Aegis Data Update!


The correct pantone for Aegis Data new corporate identity. Today I have discuss with some friend and tutor about the colour pantone and we agree to use this colour

Screen Shot 2557-03-31 at 9.43.29 PM

This is other part of my work that I helps Chen (one of my team) to create a sample look of website for Aegis Data. This is just the first look from the beginning that I have discuss today. Chen will edit more about content and other part. I just did my graphic part for the website.

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Research Article

Colour And Personal Branding

“When you walk into your closet each morning, you are doing much more than simply getting dressed for the weather, you are creating an image that either represents who you are, or you are allowing your clothing and fashion to determine that for you.”


“Selecting your brand colors can take some time to ensure that the emotional reaction associated with the colors you choice actually represents your personal brand attributes.”


“Dressing for success today is about reflecting your authentic self in a way that attracts your target audience. ”