Design Proposal

Design Proposal
Title: The Colour of Style Bubble (Book)

People can’t deny that colour is belonging in every part of our life. Colour of clothing can create a personal look, which uniquely, impression and memorable. Susana Lau is the one of the most popular fashion blogger, which inspired people by using her blog to update her lifestyle and fashion. Lau is a person who always wear clothes by using the complex way of mix and match in colour. As Lau said “Still, I love colour and that’s what I’ve become known for. It’s just how I’ve always dressed, ever since I could dress myself”. (The Guardian, 2013) So colours theory is a rudimentary knowledge, which can explain how the colour work with clothes and fashion.

The project will research about colour theory and the way to adapt colour to use for dressing. It aims to bring back the playfulness of childhood into adult fashion and give people the knowledge by using Susie Bubble style to be an inspiration. The project will invite people to play and learn about colour by using the colour guide book which provide the step by step to match colour of clothes.

Objectives: using the colour we wear to represent our own style

Desired Responses:
• Women will be more creative with colour
• Women can use colour to represent their own style

• Booklet size similar with small magazine about A5, which can carry in the bag
• Layout: fashion magazine
• Educational plus fun task ideas about colour theory and fashion.

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