A smile in the mind

Image     ”

” The best graphic design does more than capture attention and make the audience linger.

It prolongs the encounter, compelling the reader not only notice, but to remember. ”

/// happen in the mind, stay in the mind ///

” It is commonly said that when a witty idea is transferred from designer to the recipient, 

the recipient make the same journey as the designer” (p.28)

Papercraft 2 –

pc1 minieco-craft-book-papercraft-800

Paper – folding, embossing, pleat, paper cut

Perfect paper – 

perfectPaperEnjemma Loves - Elisabeth Lecourt Map dress

cutting, folding technique, screen print

Idea note :


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Finding the Subject

Area of topic: 

Paper – history of paper, paper craft, paper experiment, if you wear that paper

Fabric story – pattern, structure, fashion paper, 60s

Playing – ideas , how you can use process of design?,

nature of creativity, why does we play?

Inspiration area :

– nothing ‘s off limits , anything  , anywhere

– follow your instants , pick the thing that immediately reaction

– embrace fantasy, don’t stop & analyse what your selecting.

Ideas and inspiration:

f4a767afe42363482fb8211420c65c55 Zoe Keramea-Spikey Scarf-2007-04

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