Who What Where


Where am I or Why am I taking this course ?

The reason why I am taking this course is I want to improve

my knowledge about graphic design. I want to find my own way

to use graphic language. I hope new culture and new environment

can help me get new inspiration that can adapt or improve to use

with new type of materials. I hope this course can help me try to

understand myself and what I want to achieve. I hope it will give me

a huge experience to prepare of my real future career.


Where have I come from or What I hope to achieve from it?

I hope this course will give me new point of view as a graphic designer.

I want to be a good designer who can create a piece of work the mean something.

I hope my design will not stop just piece of work, but it will give benefit

to society.It’s not to be the great piece, but I should remind some message

to the audience. Moreover, I want to find my real identity and how can I

work as a professional..


Where am I going or Where I want to be in 12 mounts from now?

No one know the future, but I hope my life will be in the good place.

I hope I can finish this MA course and get the job that suit on me. I think,

I will go back to Thailand and start my first job as junior designer and

then become to be senior designer. If I can do my job very well and still

enjoy, I hope I can be Art Director in the future someday. However,

I am going to learn more about work experience that can support me

to be a teacher someday.


Prezi link : http://prezi.com/p4p6ww39rhpt/who-what-where/

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