London & Winter wonderland


Congratulation to My friends ” Tawan” !!!!

Finally graduated at LCC … well done !! i’m so happy with u


Thursday we went to London like a tourist. … to see Buckingham Palace and

walk in Green Park and Hyde Park… This is a period of Autumn. Every trees changed

their colour to be yellow and orange .. very beautiful ❤


“Buckingham Palace”


with my lovely Tiantian 🙂


We went to Winter wonderland !! .. very nice place to go in winter.

There have many things to do and see … very fun to walk all day long with Tiantian.

evenmore, my favourite things today is ice magic kingdom…

It has many ice sculptures very nice…


: ) Happy ( :




A smile in the mind

Image     ”

” The best graphic design does more than capture attention and make the audience linger.

It prolongs the encounter, compelling the reader not only notice, but to remember. ”

/// happen in the mind, stay in the mind ///

” It is commonly said that when a witty idea is transferred from designer to the recipient, 

the recipient make the same journey as the designer” (p.28)

Papercraft 2 –

pc1 minieco-craft-book-papercraft-800

Paper – folding, embossing, pleat, paper cut

Perfect paper – 

perfectPaperEnjemma Loves - Elisabeth Lecourt Map dress

cutting, folding technique, screen print

Idea note :


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Somerset house ice rink

23 Nov ’13


This is my memorable day of 1st ice skating in UK.
It is really fun and happy with my dearest friend pop, tiantian and May.
We are quite beginner of this fields…
First round is really hard… We go together by catching the boundary …
But at finally we all can run and enjoy with our precious time.


Me May and Tiantian


prepare and go on!!


finally ..We can run… haha 🙂

so much happy



Dear this world,

      I just feel wanna write something….(feel good)

      I want to say “thank you” for my really happiness life .. I always get a

good opportunity  to do everything that I want by truly heart.. I have very

lovely family .. great parents who raise me very well.

Thank you mom and dad (I really miss you). My family always support me

and never left me feel alone. 🙂 They are my everything.. more than LOVE.

     Evenmore, I have good friends that always stay beside me and enjoy or

share our life together. Thank for their smile that give me smile too!


      My life always surprise me everyday… sometime, I used to think back

through the pass, I never thought before that I will have my life like this…

It’s really great. thank you everything that make me believe and faith to myself.

I will try to do everyday the best and try to be happy in everyday. 🙂


I’m really miss you

They are love of my life.