Q&A with Susie Bubble

During this term, I have a chance to meet Susana Lau who wrote the blog “ Stylebubble.co.uk”. It was a great opportunity to meet and have some talked with her about the entire project. Susana Lau or Susie Bubble is the one of the most popular fashion blogger who can express her style by using different colour of clothes to mix and match in the fabulous ways. She was inspired people by taking her self-portrait of her clothes and her life style into her blog, which the blog is became a big source of ideas and knowledge of fashion. There is some of question an answer that I interview her on 5 July 2014, which will show below.

I met Susie at the Silk ball by Hermes a few week ago and I have a chance to introduce myself and what have I done on my project. Susie is very kind and so sweet. 25570701-141709-51429222.jpg This is Some Q&A that I email to ask her. It is the primary research which will support my final project.

Q1: Do you have any tip or trick for mix and match your clothes and colour or print pattern?

Susie: I try to think of schemes that might go together. Colour wise, it might be all pastels, all brights or different shades of one colour. Sometimes it can be complimentary though… like for instance I love pale colours with neon shades as a contrast. Then you balance it out with the prints. Tonal shades of one colour in different prints is a good start. Or sticking to one type of pattern but in different shades (different florals, different checks). Texture often comes into it as well and that can impact on the print and colours that are paired together.

Q2: What is the 1st piece of items you choose when you start to match (top,pants or shoes)?

Susie: It depends on what I’m into at the moment. I don’t always start with one set thing ///and how you analyse what the next piece should be? I think about what colour or pattern would work and then what the overall silhouette will be like.

Q3: Do you think colour can be used to influence people and inspied every aspect of our everyday live ?

Susie: Definitely! In personal style, colour sends out so many different messages about your personality. Because by and large most people are colour-shy with their clothes, when you see it on people, that instantly tells you something about that person. In interiors, design, art and architecture, colour obviously has its shifting properties.

Q4: What is your favourite colour and do you think the colour you wear or mix and match can describe yourself as a personal branding?

Susie: I don’t really have a favourite colour. The only could i dislike is poo brown and I’ve never worn that but other than that, everything else is fair game. It’s not personal branding. Many people dress in a colourful way. Perhaps the way I mix things is idiosyncratic to me but even then, that would be a stretch.

Q5: Do you think you are present your style as a branding? (Like I always thought of you first if I want to describe person in colour)

Susie: Perhaps there aren’t that many “famous” people that dress in a colourful manner so int hat way, I guess it’s what people know me for. But it’s not the only aspect about my style nor is it something wholly unique to me.

Q6: Where do you get an inspiration of mix and match clothes from?

Susie: Lots of things – if you see my latest post, I’ve made a series of videos where I accumulate inspiration for outfits. It’s like a mind map of images – icons, films, moods, objects…  http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2014/07/inspa-outfits.html   5253 Love ❤ Pear


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