FMP: Scarf Design


3 July’ 14

Hey.. It’s quite long that I didn’t  update my project. Actually, it is quite busy and lazy week of mind, but unfortunately, I still keep doing my work.

New-multicolour-shourouk-flower-necklace-neon-color-sweet-Women-short-statement-necklace-exaggerate-wings-pedents-chain.jpg_350x350  origami-flowers-1-315x200

My scarf design is inspired from the colour of gems and jewellery. I usually saw this kind of thing at street market and online shopping website. It’s look nice by the shape and colour. The shape is always similar with flower that suit for women who want to have fun with a special items for a boring day. I combine this idea with origami paper folding to create a basic shape of flowers.

scarfScreen Shot 2557-06-22 at 7.00.54 PM

This is the first draft that I try to develop by beginning with the colour wheel.

Screen Shot 2557-07-03 at 3.04.01 AM

So, my first design is developing to be like this but it doesn’t give a meaning or information for people to understand more about colour. Actually, this one just show the colour wheel and the extract of Primary, secondary and teritary colour.

After discuss with my tutor, She suggested me to change a little bit by adding more complex information such as complementary colour and pattern that show how the colour work.

Screen Shot 2557-07-03 at 2.49.17 AM

This time, i think about how we use scarf which is normally fold it like triangle, so i play with this ideas to separate the colour in 2 parts such as warm tone and cold tone. As you can see, on the left side it is cold tone and on the right side it is warm tone.

Screen Shot 2557-07-03 at 2.51.32 AM Screen Shot 2557-07-03 at 2.52.18 AM

Even more, I still adding more ideas about colour in both parts. I adding the colour of complementary and create some pattern that show how the colour work. For example, Analogous colours are groups of colours that adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. I created the wheel that show opposite colour from the colour wheel. However, I try to show how the colour work by use theory of colour triangle which link 3 colours together. I made the pattern that used 3 shade of triangle by the colour wheel to show how it can be used by combining cold and warm tone.

Screen Shot 2557-07-03 at 3.00.30 AM

Ps: the reason it make scarf for the conclusion of my project because it is a functional items which you can play and wear it anyway that you want and it is the basic accessories for women.

Love ❤



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