The colour collection inspired from Stylebubble

An analysis of the way Susie Lau use colour for Mix & match her clothes by using colour theory.


From the Colour wheel


As we can see, Susie Bubble use the contrast colour to make her style stand out among people. Top and Pants are mix and match with the opposite shade to make it more prominent and clear. For instant Susie use blue with orange. She plays with the warm tone and cool tone like 40%-60%.


However, Monotone and analogous colour is another way that Susie is styling herself. The orange can go well with pink while the violet can adapt to join with pink as well. Susie is the person who good at the combination of colour. The colour that relate next to other colour in the colour wheel can be adapt to use with the real outfits.


Finally, the best way to wear colour is try to make it connecting to linking. The colour from the top can be link with shoes or bag. Even the dot, line or pattern of colour can be connect with some accessories or other layer the you are wearing. It is quite fun and kind of experimental with your style and outfit. Wearing colourful clothes can increase personality and the happiness to our life.

Pear ❤


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