Target audience



• Females aged 21to 35
• Working women who live in urban city.
• They have competitive life and want to be successful.
• Their life have a chance to meet a lot of people.
• Their career can be AE, business women, organizer, marketing etc.
• Income: Over than 3,000 Pounds per month
• Educational: Bachelor Degree and over.
• They normally wear 60% high street, 30% designer and 10% vintage & DIY

• Brands:

& Other stories (Clearly inspired by street style fashion and blogs, the women’s clothing brand has naturally created its own bespoke communication style. & Other Stories is finding its target market by getting mention on the Web and hobnobbing with online fashion icons. These tastemakers are not necessarily spokespersons for the brand but rather sources of inspiration who give their take on the store’s collection under the rubric “Stylist Story.”)

Zara (Zara’s target market is young, price-conscious, and highly sensitive to the latest fashion trends. Zara’s strategy is to offer cutting edge fashion at affordable prices by following fashion and identifying which styles are “hot”, and quickly getting the latest styles into stores)

• Book&Magazine:

Elle (Research reveals that 55.2% of readers are within 18-34 range, and 45.8% within 25-49 range. This magazine has an average reader age of 32. Forty percent of readers are single, and the median household income is $69,973.”Our readers are young enough to think about life as an adventure and old enough to have the means to live it”, said Robbie Myers, editor in chief.)

Cosmopolitan (This trendy and modern lifestyle magazine focuses on the women of today. If offers information and advice on a variety of topics important in a women’s life. Results show that 69% of readers are in the 18-34 range, and 30% in the 35-49 range. Cosmopolitan has an average reader age of 30.)

• Sports: Yoga, Tennis, Swimming , Badminton

• Hangout Place: Coffee shop, Fusion food and restaurant, Big department store


• Have their own personal style
• Like new things and love to be different
• Proud of yourself and enjoy to dress up
• Try to take fashion not too seriously
• Have self confident and modern thinking


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