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I’d go for a colourful thing from a charity shop over a black versace suit every time. everything in black stays at the back of the wardrobe.’ Photograph: Michael Thomas Jones

London-based fashion blogger Susie Lau, 30, was working in advertising, “and not on the creative side”, when she began to share her obsession for colourful clothing online. Slowly, her Style Bubble blog became a must-read for fashionistas all over the world, who admired her individuality, bravery and forthright opinions.

Last year she was named Colour Ambassador at the inaugural 2013 Dulux Let’s Colour Awards, in recognition of a love of colour that has enabled her to quit the day job to work in fashion full-time.

“I was very surprised to receive it,” she says of the award. “I didn’t expect such a thing to exist. I didn’t set out to be an ambassador for colour: I’m not a designer, my output is a blog.

“Still, I love colour and that’s what I’ve become known for. It’s just how I’ve always dressed, ever since I could dress myself. As soon as I could afford or make my own clothes, what I’ve always been attracted to has been bright.”

So, given the choice between a colourful outfit from a charity shop and, say, a brand-new black suit from a top designer like Versace, which would she choose?

“I’d go for the colourful thing from a charity shop over a black Versace suit every time. Everything I have in black stays unworn in my wardrobe. Even if it’s a pair of jeans, there always has to be something funny about the jeans, some colour or something.”

Does she enjoy the effect her sense of colour has on others?

“I dress to please myself, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware. It’s a thing that makes me happy more than anything else, but it’s nice when there’s a secondary effect, like when a builder tells me I look cheerful. Some people laugh at it.”

The last laugh is very much with Lau. This is a woman living a Technicolor dream. “Thanks to the blog, I’m now effectively a full-time blogger, freelance writer, stylist and consultant. I’ve found myself with a strange new career and everything is still very new to me. There are a lot of grey areas and uncertainty.” Has she encountered animosity from the “established” writers on the fashion circuit?

“I get asked that a lot, but it’s not just an issue in fashion. Wherever you’ve got an uncontrollable online rabble supposedly taking away the living of other people, there’s bound to be resentment. “But I really don’t see it that way. Our media landscape is changing dramatically, and the way people consume information is changing dramatically. We are at the stage where we bloggers are just starting to integrate.”

Integrating? Or taking over? Whatever happens next, it’s people like Lau who make the world a more colourful place for us all to enjoy.

The Dulux Let’s Colour Awards 2014

Now in their second year, the Dulux Let’s Colour Awards recognise those whose work with colour has enriched our lives in six categories: Homes & Interiors; Fashion & Beauty; Technology & Design; The Arts; Contribution to Colour; Colour Ambassador and the publicly voted Colour Moment of the Year. In the coming weeks look out for coverage of the award winners, and selected entries to the Guardian’s special Camera Club assignment, in association with Dulux.

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