The story of Susie Lau

THIS IS ME – Susie Lau

My name is Susie Lau. I write a fashion blog “ Stylebubble”.
• DIY thing, Couple of my mom trouser
• I like a statement short when I go to Tokyo
• Growing in Camden, London: inspired by vintage clothing and punk … All these kind of difference things
• Study history
• Blog is like purely escape… Like a fun thing you do not for a living but for fancy.
• I just like embroidery… They’re pretty.
• Fashion observer from travelling… fashion environment, exhibition, see thing in person and blogging thing.
• I try everything. I like thing to where I go and thing to eat.

Closet Confessions presents Susie Bubble

Style Bubble’s Susie Lau talks fashion and blogging

How did Growing up in London Affect Your Style?
• Grow up in London, Camden
• Punk, madness … all a bit experience came together

What helped shape your unique view of fashion?
• Difference deceptive … I didn’t study in fashion. I didn’t style out in fashion.

What made you decide to go it alone?
• At this moment I go to full time with the blog.
• Fashion blogging is growing up. I can see fashion blogging is publishing in publication.

What technology do you use for blogging?
• I probably doesn’t use everything that available but I use the thing a sensual.
• Skype, Photoshop… I like to keep thing in the minimum.
• You can do pretty much thing on the small scale.

How do you separate work and play?
• To be honest, I am available workaholic. I really don’t see the kind of separation between blogging on a couch 9pm at night and real life physic work.
• One work to the other.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?
• Portfolio festival, not so much… Fashion to feed the brain

What’s next for Susie Bubble?
• I’m going to write the book and it will publish in 2015.
• It is really about my approach to style. I’m been doing a lot of travelling to source of got content to the book. Meet in testing people.
• I try to compline all of that into … anthology style

Interview: Susanna Lau aka Susie Bubble

Susie Bubble – Chic Chat – THE OUTNET

• I think people tend to like .. oh I can never dress like you do
• Try a little bit out from your comfort zone because I think people to often scare by cloth too easily.
• I try to encourage people not take it too seriously ( don’t take fashion too seriously)
• I love everything killer especially London designers like Richard NicoLL, Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab

Susiebubble styles at JOYCE


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