Report: An Identity Redesign for Aegis Data

Component 2: Contextual Theory

By Chavisa Piankit (Pear)

An Identity Redesign for Aegis Data

“There is no doubt that branding
has moved up the organisation,
CEOs are now involved in the brand
it is a board level discussion” Robert Jones

Branding represents the brand’s place in the market. The image of company is setting by corporate identity, which makes people to recognize the type of company. An identity redesign is challenging task that has directly affected to the business. Aegis Data is the new face data company that has the competitors over 100 companies around United Kingdom. The company need the corporate identity that stands out from their competitors. A strong corporate identity will help them to reach a step to be a top leading Data Company in the future.

Screen Shot 2557-02-12 at 11.51.19 AM

Fig.1 The Statistics of Data Company Location in UK

An equally significant aspect of branding has become a fundamental part of companies, organisation and individual. A brand represents the full personality of the company, which link between company and the audience. It is not just a logo or name, but it is the totally image of company. Even more, the strong corporate identity will boost the value of the company. The service, product and people of organization are all part of the brand that represents the direction of company. In addition, Aegis Data is the strong business that provides the space to save the data over around the world. It provides highly secure facilities with uninterrupted power, cooling, diverse and resilient telecommunication networks to the outside world. The concept behind the company which refer “Data is the live blood of the business.” is become a key for their business of secure, protected and accessible by those authorised. Redesign Identity for Aegis Data is require to show a strong security, trust, intelligence but still represent friendliness and easy to access by the audiences.

Furthermore, data company is the type of business that difficult to access. Most of people don’t familiar with the type of technical company. Even though, data company is growing faster for support more database, but it is still difficult to approach by common people. Evermore, the competitor is risen more than in the past. The companies like Apple (Icloud) or Intel will be the early top option in the market. The new data company need to created a selling point and distinctive image to become the leading company in the future.

On the other hand, there are many advantages of Aegis Data company. It is providing a new technology that faster, safer and more security. It also supports significantly reduce of expenditure by using the free air to cooling their machine. By the same token, Aegis data can answer the need of their clients, which required trust, security, cost effectiveness, speed and efficiency. According to the Aegis Data said, “Our experience is your guarantee.” so the company will offer their clients with the best value, benefit and the best service. Thus, all of these advantages can use to support the background for redesigning the corporate of company.

Evidently, the corporate brand role is depending on prominent of brand position. The same categories of business will have the image that reflects the same type of brand. For instance, almost of data companies show the same shape of logo that they are using a circle to represent the global networking and connecting of data. From the figure below, it shows the logo from some data company in United Kingdom which use the similar style that show the company name and tagline of concept under the main logo. (Fig.1) They try to represent the similar concept of networking that online all 24/7. It gives the same image which makes people understand them as data companies. Aegis data company logo’s use a typeface which does not fit with the circle shield behind the logo and it also use tagline with the symbolic of heart rate that make confuse meaning for the concept of company. However, There is significant that most of technology companies use blue to signify security and intelligence such as IBM, Intel, Facebook and Dell etc. Aegis Data is categorize in that group, but it use a blue-green shade which is an outstanding among the group. It use special colour that seldom see in a corporate.

Logo coperate

Fig.2 Logo of Data Company in UK

By the same token, the strong corporate identity can make the company stand out from the similar type of business. The corporate identity is over all image of business. A brand strategy involves creating a look and feeling, which include brand language and tone of voice as well as logo and name. (Davis, 2009) Naming and logo are important for develop a corporate identity. Logo is the first visual identity that makes people remember the company. According to the book Logo Power by David E. Carter said, “The logo must be memorable, simple and legible.” Logo has to work for all graphic media, so the company can use it with their letterhead and business card. Even more, the identity must work for long term. Aegis Data is a case study that still able to develop their branding because it still use mix source of graphic element that make it not strong enough to represent their branding . According to Aegis Data website and documents, it show various typography which not link with the logo and some info-graphic that look more modern than their corporate logo.

Screen Shot 2557-04-03 at 5.54.36 PM

Fig 3. Mix of Graphic Element from document and website

Visual Identity is component in branding. The graphic component provide a system for identifying and representing a brand. The basic elements for produce visual identity is following by logotypes, symbols, colour and typeface. (Clifton and Simmons ,2003) In term of design, the appropriate typeface can support the image of organization. Good typeface can improve the look of business. Bold typeface is suit for Data Company for represent strong protection and high security. The new logo design for Aegis Data also uses the bold line the represent the look. It is used the font “A” from Harbara and “egis” from Circo by cutting some sharp edge off. The clear line and contemporary colour make the new logo become more permanent. It gives the mood of modern, dynamic and strong in the same time. When logo can be used effectively for long term, the brand equity for the company is strength. (Carter, 1999) Brand lives longer than people so it imprints in to memories by generation to generation.


Fig. 4 Aegis Data logo Old and New version

However, to developing the great branding also need a good teamwork which have to communicate and support a part of their work. According to this project, people in the team will focus on different role such as marketing strategist, corporate branding, website and content management, green agenda, history and animation. As my role in the team, I focus on corporate branding which have to agree with a brand positioning. It will represent the image of the company that effect directly to audience to understand the type of company. Although every part of the development process has to deliver the same direction, the main conceptual is still need to follow. Every part of the design needs to be connection. A strong brand identity requires consistency. The clear visual image will drive the corporate branding to symbolise the look of unique company.

In term of developing a creative part, a brief is the thing that need to follow, which aim to give the direction and detail for develop the design. The categorize of strength and weakness can be help to find to problem that have to improve and change. In term of the SWOT analysis of Aegis Data, we found many strength point of the company such as high security, new technology, good location, no flooding and terrorism, flexible and innovation. While, the weakness of the company can be describe as lack of personality and not establish. Consequently, to re-creating the strong identity has to perceive emotional of a whole corporate image. We can used weakness point to create the prominent point. Corporate branding contributes to developing efficiency and reliability of company. It helps to increase confidence of their clients.

According to the progress of the design development , Researching process is the first significant step to find out about background and problem by collecting data together. From the part of logo design, I research about the mood and tone of the brand, colour and logo of their competitor which can give the direction to develop the design. I use the SWOT analysis and strength and weakness to combine the point together which can convey the design to advocate objective. In term of project management, theoretical frameworks are help to achieve the best possible result.

To be able to understand, the developing design for Aegis Data branding are have to follow the design process, which guide by many source of research model.. The design process is beginning with research, which has to do critical analysis of background and developing to categorize an idea generation. Then, creating task, which reflect the answer of the brief with solution or artwork and design. According to the model of Six thinking hat by De Bonon’s, it describe a tools for group discussion which associated the idea of thinking in different way. As a working with team we have to listen other point of view to develop our own idea. Group discussion gives the benefits of ideas from people that can see problems in different ways. For instance, in the part of creative team, they are often creating the brand through words and images. Designer and copywriter have to work together. Creative team will make the brand come to life by working with the strategist and management team. Moreover, brainstorming is a very good discussion to extract an idea. When we see the different ideas, the key words will stand out to deliver the main concept. If everybody in the team work on the same direction, the outcome will be successful.

As a result, the presentation of our focus points with Aegis company are appreciated by Gerald Pawsey, the CEOs. Pawsey likes the various aspect that we see on his company in different ways. Their company is going on the developing process, so it is a good opportunity to see different point of problem by other people. In many respect, it is difficult to see their own mistake. It is a good chance to listen to the opinion of others. From the feedback, the new logo is kind of successful. It is attractive by the audience. Our clients seem interested in the way as we add the message inside the logo and show the way how data is living. The line of living data gives the right message on the right position. However, rebranding the company image is very different task. Company have to give the strong data to the designers, so we can use them to represent the best possible result. The corporate identity for Aegis Data still need to develop. The great corporate design has to cover all area to push more value to the organization.

In conclusion, this project is help to open-minded and learn to work as a team. The strategy of every role in the team is form the concept to produce the package of branding. Time management is the very important key to work as a group. To developing the design in time can help other people to produce their work more easily. An Identity redesigning for Aegis data is the good experience to start the professional practice as a designer. The final outcome for the project deliver more modern and innovative look for the organization. Corporate branding is rewarding role for the business which will increase brand personality to become a leader.



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Illustration and Image

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Fig.2 Piankit, C. Logo of Data company in UK. [Logo]
Fig 3. Unknown. Mix of Graphic Element from Document and Website. [Graphic] (Accessed on 29.03.14)
Fig.4 Piankit, C. Aegis Data logo Old and New version. [Logo]


Aegis Data. (2013) Aegis Data Company Website. At: (Accessed on 29.03.14)

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