Report: Theoretical Writing

By Chavisa Piankit 1210750

Colour: an Inspirational Way to Express Personal branding

Research question:

• How the perception of shape and colour inspire every aspect of our everyday lives?
• How to understand and interpret the colours that surround us?
• How colour affects health and well-being?
• How colour can be used to influence people?
• How you can use colour to enhance your personality?

Objective: Using the colours we wear to represent our own personal branding

“Without play, there would be no Picasso.
Without play there is no experimentation.
Experimentation is the quest for answers” Paul Rand, 1998

Colour is an experimentation. People have learned about colour since they were a little child. Colour is directly impact to everybody’s eyes. It signifies different meaning that effect to our emotional. In the eastern countries, people believes about the meanings of various colours has an affect to our life. Colour affects to our health and enhance our personality. Everything in our life is influenced by colour, for instance, buying a new car and choosing a new clothes are required the choice of colour and personal taste to make a decision. Colour is become a part of our life, which it make more emotional and create some inspiration to improve the new innovation to the world.

As children, people naturally play with colour. Children will prefer to play with the colourful toys and enjoy to dress with the contrast colour. They are uninhibited about their choices and enjoy mixing and wearing colourful items. Children enjoy choosing their clothes and know what they want to wear. They represents themselves as they want without shy and uncomfortable. By the same token, psychological research explained that adults usually most attract to the beautiful sheets of colour as children. Most of elderly people prefers light over dark colour. In contrast, the most brightest colour; yellow is still the least favourite colour for people.

Furthermore, colours has influence to every aged of life. It gives a feeling that reflect to emotional expression. People who certain mental illness prefer a non-chromatic shade of white, grey, brown, black while normal people generally prefer chromatic hues and bright. According to the book The complete of Book Colour said, “The colour of cloth has a strong relationship with our energy effect. The colour we wear can offer protection against many physical ailments and also give us emotional support and provide mental inspiration.” At this point, colour is not influence only our emotion but also has an affect to our health and well-being of life. Nevertheless, colour can also tell a personality of person, for example an introvert people likes cool hues, while an extrovert people likes warm hues. (Zalanski and Fisher, 1989:40) Accordingly, colours can express our personality which hide behind a personal preferences. Colour is become other factor of human life. Each colour has a specific symbolic language, which impact directly to people and environment. It has an affect to the sense of perception that communicate with our body and mind.

Nowadays, some eastern cultures have many beliefs in linking colour with luck, which has an effect on the clothes that are worn and the ability to be playful and experimental. On the other hand, in the west, the norm for the working woman’s wardrobe is black, brown, navy and grey – dull colours which can be worn with plain contrasting shirts, making the working wardrobe easy to maintain and choose, not like the traditional male equivalent of shirt and suit. Consequently, colour will become a various choice that people can make themselves to look different and get rid off tedious thing in life. People are more attending to make an identity to express themselves as a brand. Personal branding are become more known in society and the way to challenge with the self improvement are increased. The demand of buyer are rised stronger than the past so many industries try to produce a various choice to attract more customer. To dressing up with the colour is an alternative choice to represent themselves and make some impression with people. The clothing that we wear are represent an image which show self authentic of person.

However, colour is a direct message without time-consuming use of word or complex image. It attract people attention and give message that more quick and answer perception of a product. (Scully and Cobb, 2012:18) According to the International Colour Authority, “Colour comes before style and price, and it is the first factor to which the consumer response.” From this point, it represents the human habit that following the way people has a response of colour in their life. In the present, many industries produce the products by following many factor such as cost, profit and target group and including the areas about design and colour, which impact to marketing and service. If products are available in just one colour, why people want to purchase the same colour over again. By the same token, if people don’t have the purpose to buy, the company will lose their sales and products. Thus, colour is the main factor that supports sale and marketing. It build more demand to the industries. Colour becomes an important factor to produce products. From the chart below (Fig.1), it show most of 93% of people look at visual colour and make a decision to buy. Colour is become a primary reason that attract a particular product. People receive directly message by just seeing the colours. Colours stimulate the sense of recognize and push out the desire in mind to buy something new. They are not only give ideas of creativity but can inspire new attitude and the new way to show personality of person. Colour of clothing that people wear can create a personal branding, which uniquely , impression and memorable.

Screen Shot 2557-03-24 at 3.30.22 PM

Fig.1 – Analysis of Colour and Product

      Furthermore, the psychology colour research, showed Colour can influence people mood such as the warm colour tend to stimulate, whereas cool colours have calming influence. (Zalanski and Fisher, 1989:155) The designer Kevin Grady explains, “Yellow and orange are intentionally used at fast food restaurant because they’re seen both as hungry colour and jarring colours, so that you get people in, give them their food and get them out” From that case study, it shows how colour has affected to the way of our live. Colour can impact to people mood and change the behaviour in different environment. Evidently, colour can build environment that give a direct effect to our physiological and emotional response. Moreover, the case study about colour of the flavour of foods showed that people are impressed by colour. For instance, people avoid blue and purple food because blue fruit and some berries are poisonous. Our body and mind can remember and recognize the danger. Apparently, colour influences thinking process and change reaction of people. Active colours are used to upgrade aggressive quality of product, while passive colours are more associated with harmony and achievement. (Fehrman, 2004) For instance, red package of detergent give the meaning of fighting dirt, while blue package give the meaning of harmony cleansing. It is clearly that colour is in everywhere and every part of life. Colour give people some benefits for life while people have to learn more about the advantage way to control the colour in their life.

In eastern countries colours is significant in life. Some countries have a strong believe in the colour fortune for luck. People trust without quest or grievance. They don’t expect about result but have faith to believe it good for themselves. For instance some Thai people has believe in colour of the day, which is an astrological rule that influence from Hindu mythology for a weekly colour. (Fig.2) Some people will follow the chart of colour to wear in each day of the week. Some people believe that colour in clothing will bring some power, help and luck to them. It is very common that people consider colour of the day by following the day of their birth. Nevertheless, in China, there also have the similar culture about auspicious colours and inauspicious colours (Fig.3), which has effect to life in every year. Chinese people will avoid to wear unlucky colour that match with their year of birth. Accordingly, the colours that people wear can reveal an effect to their mind and balance in life. Clothing is the colours filters for our body, which allow people to express themselves through the choice of various colours. The colour that people choose can affect a whole being, health, self-esteem and energy. Colour in cloth is helped to concern about decorative effect, which bring the energy of colour into our body. In positive way, bringing colour into life is the easy way because people change their clothes everyday. In this manner, colour is the simply appearance that deliver a personal branding. People can make an impression to individual, group and organization. “Everyone wants to be special” is a sentence that we always heard it all the time. Dressing is a personal. It is not to following somebody attitude. From the book matter of style, it said people should be brave and don’t afraid to show real personality, as one day you will become special.” On the face of it, everyone has their own brand which have to simplify by themselves.

luckchart copy

Fig.2 – Thai Daily Colour Weekly Chart

Screen Shot 2557-03-24 at 3.30.57 PM

Fig.3 – Chinese lucky and unlucky colour 2014

      Overall, according to research at the Pantone website, it shows a forecasting for colour of the year in every year, which each year will have different shade of colour palette that influence to global zeitgeist such as fashion, art, technology, jewelry and industry design etc. Accordingly, we can’t denied that colour is belonging in every part of our life. It is powerful influence by eyes and it is stimulate a sense of humanity It is significant factor that colour is nearest thing we have to communicate with everyday. Clothing is a requisite thing that linking colour with everyday wear. Cloth is expressed personal image and show personality of person. As Coco Chanel said “The best colour in the whole world is the one that look good, on you”. Colour can make people look better and build a beautifully physical appearance.

According to the research proposition, the project will research the visual perception of colour. Colour affects our lifestyle and personality, which is based on our beliefs and the psychology of colours. The project aims to bring back the playfulness of childhood into adult fashion and give people the knowledge and confidence to use colour in their lives. It will invite people to play and have fun with colour by creating their own personal branding and expressing their personality through colour. People can create a new colour look everyday. This project are including to produce a small collection of adornments to help women to be more creative and brave with colours and shapes.

The Meaning of Colours

Screen Shot 2557-03-24 at 3.31.08 PM

Fig.4 – Colour wheel

      Colour affects every aspect of our everyday lives. Most of choices are depending on colour. Although the colour selection is an extremely complex task to understand, people still love to buy the new different shade of colour. From the case study in the book; The Secret of Influence colour showed, the phenomenon call “Metamerism” that express the two colour are look perfect in sunlight but after the light change they is no longer match. For instance, people bought the red shoe in the store and it look perfectly match with the navy skirt, but when they go back home they thought that shoe is a little bit too dark. The light is changed the shade of colour and it can change the perception of colour at the same time. However, people have a chance to express the self appearance through the things that they bought by making a decision about colour in the right moment. Therefore, the meaning of colour is important to help them make the correct colour that suit to themselves. In the final analysis, colour that people use in real life can be classifies into 12 colour including the primary colour; red, blue, yellow, the secondary colour; orange, green, purple and tint colour; pink, turquoise and grey and value colour; black, brown and white which I will mention about the meaning and belief below.


Red is the primary colour in the first colour wheel. It is the colour of power and strong energy. It is always been associated with vitality and ambition. (Chiazzari, 1998:18) Red has a meaning that connects with life in many cultures because it is the colour of blood. In the earliest humans, red were helped to decease plain of live. It often links with woman’s sexuality to express affection and sweetness. Moreover, red can make object look bigger and closer than it accentually be. It is the best colour to make notice and attract with human eyes. For instance, people who drive a car will familiar with stop light, which automatic with human sense of red with “stop” and green with “go” (Zalanski and Fisher, 1989:38)

Furthermore, red is a symbolic of love and life, which express the emotional of happiness. Colour of red has given many different meaning by the culture and nation around the world. For the ancient Roman, red flag is a sign of battle or war, while the ancient Egypt, red was the colour of Ra; the sun God. (Chiazzari, 1998:24) In Russia, beautiful is the symbolic of red but after 1917, the Bolsheviks used red instead to the nation flag and it became the colour of communism. Moreover, in Greece, people dyne red egg for good luck in the Easter time. However, red is a common colour that usually found in national flags around the world, for instance red in Thailand flag mean nationality. In the English War of the Roses, red was the colour of the House of Lancaster, which defeated the House of York, symbolized by the colour white.

In the astrology, red is unlucky colour for people who born under the sign of Libra or Taurus, but people who have birth date from Aries (March 21-April 19) or Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) should wear red for good luck. In the ancient time, people use to write a talisman in red colour to protect them from evil. In China and some part of the Eastern countries, red is the power to bring a good luck. Chinese people always use red colour for celebrating, wedding and fortune telling. It means of pleasure and long life. The colour of clothing helps emotional inspiration and protection from depression. Red is including pure. Crimson, Burgundy and deep rose will help positive progress to encourage physical exercise and a competitive spirit. Red will give the felling of sensuous and vivacious. Furthermore, there have avoided wearing red when people is suffering from bad flu, easily tired and have high blood pressure because it can turn the feeling to victimization.

In addition to, meaning of red can create luck energy for people by wearing the clothes. East countries believe that the sun sign have an effect to good luck and life. There has a rule of wearing red colour in the day. Red means helping from people in Tuesday and mean lucky and money on Thursday, but people should not wear red on Monday, it will be bad luck. The belief of East countries, wearing red on Wednesday will help to promote you work without any obstacles. In addition to wearing red clothing has opened easier way to stand out in society. Even more, colour also can tell personality types, which person who usually wear red are optimistic and confident. It is categorized people who like to be centre of attention, like things happen quickly and like to be and explorer and pioneers. Red is the colour of survival instinct, which has a strong power to pursue dream and goals. Wearing red colour can make new attitude and enhance for luck. Red means vital force that completely want to achieve successful result. This energy is the best form of creativity, development and leadership. (Chiazzari, 1998:30)


Yellow is the colours associated with the Sun that generally refer to lift spirit, hopeful, cheerful and joyful. Yellow can give and expression of happy thoughts. It helps to provide a good organization and refresh of the new ideas and ability to see the different point of view. This colour builds up more self-confident and encourage an optimistic attitude. (Chiazzari, 1998:18) However, yellow can signify in many different meanings, for instance, yellow is a special colour in Chinese, which adapted to used as imperial colour and reserved only for the emperor. However, in the religion of Buddhist, yellow is the symbolic of death, while in some country Yellow refer to Jews that betrayed to the Christ. (Fehrman, 2004:69-70)

Similarly, yellow often link with age to describe fretfulness. Sometime, yellow is multiple personality colour, which both happy and feel misery at the same time. Furthermore, brighter yellow represents spontaneity and communication. The person who fascinated in yellow is active and aspiring. Hues of yellow is effect to the brain, which make people more alert, clear-head and decisive. Yellow can create energy pass through the muscles by activating motor nerves.

In the eastern and some western countries, their believe that colour is link with astrology. Yellow is lucky colour for people who born under the sign of Aries (March 21-April 19), Gemini (May 22-June 20) and Leo (July 23- Aug 2). Some culture believes that wearing colour by choosing correct day will improve your energy of life, for instance Yellow is unlucky colour in Tuesday, while people usually wear yellow in Wednesday and Friday for receive strong power and some help. Moreover, Yellow can tell about personality of person who have strong independent but like to be in the small group with close friend rather than being involved in team events or large social gatherings. Journalist is the work that suit with yellows’ person who good at networking and getting information. In the opposite side, people who like yellow sometime have negative perspective such as stubborn, arrogant, pretentious and snobbish.


Blue is the deepest hue in the colour wheels. It is cool and calm colour. It represents the nigh-time and feeling of relax like blue sky. Blue is a symbolic of infinity and serenity. At some point, blue means depression, isolation and sadness. In England, there has many meaning of blue. “Blue ship” means high quality, while “Blue Blood” means an aristocratic person. However, from the report Mini Cooper of the Cooper marketing group mention “Blue is our favourite.” It actually shows the most poplar colour in America is blue, not black. In 1960s, blue is a significant of British spy James Bond who wears a blue shirt. (Fehrman, 2004:72) In addition, blue is associated with ability to archive balance.

It could also be said that, colour in clothes is affected personality of person. People who love to wear blue suggest spirituality and order. It reflects a wish for peace and quite. This colour probably values loyalty and honest. Blue shows the personality of creative, perspective and sensitive. They need a peaceful environment and secure space. Wearing blue is helped to get a good imagination and pushed up the problem solving by using deep knowledge on your own. Even more, blue is a lucky colour for people in Cancer (June 21-July 22), Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22), Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22), Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21), and Pisces (Feb 19-March 20). Blue will support your luck and energy of life. In believe of eastern culture, blue is unlucky colour in Friday and Sunday, but it will give energy of help on Monday, power on Wednesday and wishing of luck on Saturday.

Finally, sense of natural can represent the missing feel in your life. Blue is the colour of sky, which represents loyalty and trust. If people missing blue in life, it can refer to feeling down and reject by someone’s’ trust. Blue relaxes the “higher mind” that helps people bring more peace and harmony into life. (Chiazzari, 1998:43) Blue; include duck egg, sky, kingfisher, midnight and turquoise can help people link sense of intuition. Blue brings insight and wisdom, encourage decision making. It will make people look fresh and young, but avoid to wear blue when feel depression because it will make people feel more worse.


Green is mixing colours between blue and yellow, which always be a symbolic of growth and spring. It is the largest colour family that can see as an environment. The energy of green reflects sharing, adaptability, generosity and co-operation. Green is a symbolic of peace, hope, modesty and gentleness. It is the colour that related to the nature, trees, life and harmony of earth. On the other hand, green is negatively associated with seasickness, poisoning and queasiness. (Fahrman, 2004:71)

Furthermore, in both European and Chinese tradition, green is spring and growth, which represent the spirit and the fertility of nature. Green is the symbolic colour of Venus; the god of love in ancient Greeks. From belief of eastern country, green is the colour of power in Monday and lucky spirit on Sunday. People who born in a sun sign of Taurus (April 20-May 21), Gemini (May 22-June 20), Cancer (June 21-July 22), Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22) and Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) should wear green for protect the bad luck. However, most of people will link many shade of green to nature. Green can refer to inspiration from the nature. For instance, Bright green are associated with grass. It gives the feeling of fresh and coming of spring. Green is a huge amount of colour that we can see in everywhere.

As we have seen, people who like to wear green is a cautious person that not trust others easily. Green shows the humanistic, which love observer. On the other hand, people who love green is suit for quite life. Green represents personality as sensitivity of feeling and optimistic attitude. (Chiazzari, 1998:31) Green is the colour that can help about health, happiness and clear decisive thinking. Green including apple, grass teal and emerald are pushing power of difficult decision. Apple green is the colour of innovation, while grass green help to understand and encourage people life. However, Blue-green promotes optimism and faith of ourselves and other. Green offers balance to our life, but people have to avoid to wear green because sometime it will promote repression, boredom and inactivity.


Orange is a colour of joy. It mixed between red and yellow to release emotional of free and wonderful spirit. In Chinese and Japanese, orange become a colour of live and happiness, while in the Buddhist, the orange robe represent humanity. Moreover, some portrayal of the Garden of Eden will used an orange instead of apple to give a meaning of tree of knowledge. (Chiazzari, 1998) In France, The old custom of aborning bridges with orange blossom, symbolizing the hope of fruitfulness. Orange becomes a lively colour, which affect to mental activities. It creates a sense of warmth, which represent the sun and fall leaves. Orange contains the tempered of cheerful yellow and some drama of red. (Eiseman, 2000:27) Many fast food restaurant use orange to be there corporate colour. Orange will make people to feel instant appetite. From psychological viewpoint, orange is similar to yellow with extroverted by most people.

Moreover, peach and apricot are the same category of orange. This softer shade are pleasing to the sophisticate eyes. These shade of colours will help to bring joy and lightness to life. Orange can relieves seriousness of thought and promote laughter. It helps to release creativity and encourage spirit of self innovation. Orange can boost the immune system which help to alleviate the depression. People who love orange are impatient and competent. Orange will push the energy to make people active and competitive. If people like to wear orange, they will have a personality to organize and good with their self-motivation.

In term of astrology, people believe in auspicious colours by following star sign. People who born in Leo (July 23- Aug 22) and Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22) should wear orange to protect them from the bad luck. Moreover, it is good to wear orange in Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for earn some more luck into life. Orange is also believe to be the colour of lady luck. It stimulates a sense of good health and increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. The energy of this colour will helps to change the life in a positive way.


Purple is a combination of red and blue. It contains the energy of red and integrity of blue. Purple is relates to spiritual and imagination. In the meaning of colour, purple represents dream and future. It is the colour that can refer to fantasy world and daydreamer. Purple is suggest for meditation, which help for getting deep sleep, and calming an irritated mind. According to Leonardo da Vinci, believed that purple light is the power of meditation increased 10 times than usual. In contrast, purple is mysterious, transformation, cruelty and arrogance.

Similarly, purple gives many different meaning by the culture and nation around the world. The rich hue of purple always associated with royalty. For centuries, purple is an expensive colour because it is hard to produce. Therefore, purple relates to Kings, Emperors and priests for example, a purple gowns. Nevertheless, some people use purple cloth to wrap a new born baby to encourage prosperity and success. (Chiazzari, 1998:25) Purple represents as the colour of omen in Iran, while in Egypt it denotes the values of faith and virtue.

As we have seen, purple is seldom used in packaging and advertising. Sometime it give the meaning of poison like poison berry. Others given name of purple is come from flowers and gems such as lavender and lilac. Lavender is considered effeminate ans also link to homosexuality in some culture. (Fahrman, 2004:73) However, purple is lucky colour for people who born under the sign of Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22), Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21), Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19), Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) and Pisces (Feb 19-March 20). People in various countries believe and follow this culture for the wishing of luck. If people wear purple, they will have a deep feeling and high aspiration. Purple will boost their self confidence and provide vulnerability with protection. Purple clothing provides calm and peace which suitable for prayer and meditation. Purple can help to open mind to see a new channel for creativity energy. In contrast, people have to avoid to wear purple when they feel oversensitive. (Chiazzari, 1998:46)


Pink is the combination of red and white, which give the feeling of gentle warmth and nurturing. It is emotionally of calm. Pink give an ideas about a sense of love and protection. It will help to alleviate loneliness, over-sensitivity and vulnerability. (Chiazzari, 1998:18) Pink is mostly positive. It is the colour that expresses the feeling of feminine and girly. Pink can be thought as supporting for relationship. In colour psychology, pink is a symbolic of hope, which it is positive inspire of warm and comfort feeling.

In the ancient time, pink was a symbol of marriage that show the spirit between mother and child. Nowadays, wearing pink can give the look of feminine that represent female energy. It is unconditional love and expresses an honest through the colour. Pink are the favourite colour of cosmetic industry, as they create a great attention at the purchase point. (Eiseman, 2000:24) Pink can encourage self nurturing and being kindness. The shade of pink includes pale pink, deep rose and salmon are helped to bring a sympathy to life.

In astrology, they suggest people who have their birth on Aries (March 21-April 19), Taurus (April 20-May 21) and Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22) to wear pink for good luck. People who love to wear pink will have a personality that have some childlike in their behaviour, which loving nature and feeling of warmth. Pink remind the earlier childhood memories, associated with nurturing. It shows optimistic and positive outlook on life of person. In term of negative meaning of pink, it represent lack of power, lack of self-worth and a lack of self-reliance.


Turquoise is the light blue that classifies into pastel colour. It is beautiful blend colour between blue and green. The name of colour comes from Turkish, as a gem that imported from Turkey and recorded the name in English in 1573. Turquoise helps people to express the true personal emotions. People will feel calm and attractive when the colour is appearing in nature. Turquoise makes energy flow through the physical body.

Furthermore, turquoise and light blue can make a peaceful environment. If people wear turquoise, they personality will be perspective, sensitive and creative. It attracts good luck and fortune. People who born in a sign of Taurus (April 20-May 21) and Pisces (Feb 19-March 20) should wear turquoise to bring some luck to themselves. In colour psychology, turquoise control the balance of emotional. This colour help to recharge a power spirit from stress and tiredness. It will alleviate loneliness and refresh up the body. Turquoise encourage inner healing by enhancing the empathy and caring.

Turquoise has strong powers of perception and observation that identify the way forward of any situation. This colour can help to create emotional balance. People who love turquoise can be a good boss that have good organizational and management skills. On the other hand, turquoise have negative meaning which relate to lack of communication skill, unreliable and deceptive. As a personality colour, people who have turquoise as their favourite colour has difficulty in expressing themselves. Turquoise can trigger practicality, confusion, fussiness, ego and irritability.


Gray is the colour that represents compromise and caution. It is the middle colour between Black and white. This colour gives a feeling of hopeless and fear. Gray is generally negative feeling like dark cloud, fog and smoke. It give a picture of unclear situation. Gray is the colour of evasion and non commitment. It is point to a self-critical ans evasive character. This colour is seldom associated with fun and lividness. Lighter gray can define as feminism, while darker hues are considered masculine.

However, gray is neutral colour. The quality of gray make the mind calm. It is dull colour that express the emotional of sadness and boring. Gray also means quiet and reserved, which it does not stimulate and rejuvenate. People who have favourites colour is gray, doesn’t want to be different. They like to stay alone with a secure space. Gray can describe a personality as a hard working and seriousness. In astrology, gray is auspicious colour for people who born in Gemini (May 22-June 20), Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) and Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19). Gray support their luck and wealthy. In the negative way, gray show a lacking of confidence, which affect to situation that have to make a directly decision in life.


Brown is the colour of earth, ground and living wood. Brown makes the mood of coolness and warmth at the same time. Brown signifies wood, earth, coffee, chocolate, but also boredom ans melancholy. (Feisner, 2006:121) Brown bring the sense of stability. It can retreat from and fear of outside world. Shade of brown can create a warm atmosphere. It is link with environment and nature. Brown represent organic that original come from natural thing in life. It is a good colour for giving assurance and comfort, but it also suffocate colour.

Apparently, brown is middle colour among colour wheel. Every shade go well with brown colour. The lighter shade of brown including beige and ivory can reflect the loyalty and simple. Darker shade of brown can give a sad and depression. In some countries, people believe that seeing brown colour in the dream is a sign of good luck for money. Therefore, brown is a lucky colour for people who born in Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) and Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19). Nevertheless, in some countries, brown use to be a symbolic such as Australian use brown to be the colour of their land.

However, people who like to wear brown are honest and supportive lifestyle. Brown is a protective colour. People will feel protected when wearing brown or cropper colour. On the other hand, sometime brown relate to dirt or dirty seem like a clay. People rarely use brown to wear in fashion, but it usually be the colour of leather shoes and leather jacket for match with other items.


Black the mysterious and empty colour. This colour show the feeling of blind, which build and idea of unknown thing for instance, space is empty and dark. Black is give negative meaning of death, depression, mystery, night and bad luck. In contrast, black also give positive connotation such as sophistication (in fashion), luxury, space (infinity) and power.

Black is the colour that can be seen in every product category. In many recent years, the attitude about black have change to positive. In some culture, black is associated with mourning ,while the somber attitude given the new way to wearing black such as black tie, and expensive black leather shoes. Black give the look of elegant but it make the sense of cliché style sometime. Black is dull colour, but everybody have one piece of black cloth in their closet because it can make the formal look and easy to match with every colour. Black is a contrast colour in every way. It is perfect when it contrast with the white shade such as Black and white stripe.

People who usually wear black is strong willed and disciplined. It is the basic colour in everyone closet. Black can show an organized and independent character. Furthermore, black could also a signal of lack of confident. Black represent renunciation and renounce everything out of the stubborn protest. Black can reject help from other and promote self isolation. However, black can protect the bad luck for people who were born in Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) and Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19). It will help to against the bad things by believing of astrology.


White is a symbolic of clean and pure. It represents the mood of safety, perfection and innocent. Angle and gods usually have symbolic of white for goodness. In the natural, white can refer to snow and spectrum of light. It is a symbolic of beginning and ending of lives, which will end of the cycle and will start again. White is clear and northing hidden or secret. It can help to create profound change in emotional with the pure energy.

In contrast, White can give negative meaning such as surrender, cowardliness and cover-up. (Feisner, 2006:120) For instance, in the past white flag is the sign of surrender in the war. Even more, white is the colour of death in Imperial Rome, China and India. On the other hand, in the ancient of Greece, Athena was created the temple with white marble that means purity. It is become signify of virginity for the custom of bride, which still predominantly worn white by bride in western country.

Furthermore, white can show the optimistic personality. People who usually wear white have positive and well balanced. They will have highly individual behaviour, which like independent and free form of lifestyle. (Chiazzari, 1998:32) White helps people to be open-minded and receptive the new ideas. It will reflect to personal logic to give a time to stop and think without decision-making.

In astrology, Hidu mythology believe white is an unlucky colour on Tuesday. While, in western country wearing white colour is suite for people who were born in Gemini (May 22-June 20) and Cancer (June 21-July 22). White can bring some luck and protect them from the bad thing. Colour belief is another reason that some people usually use to bring more colour in to their life.

Colour Marketing and Cultural Trend

Colour trend is another factor that change personal perception by colour and shape. People always like to wear light colour in spring and summer and usually wear dark tone in autumn and winter. Trend try to forced people to buy the seasonal colour. From the research, it showed the colours on the window display are the colours that people want to wear and buy them now. The colour palette can send the message that feel consistent with customer’s mind. Nevertheless, gender and age are become typical generalizations to understand target market.

In the way of marketing, window display is very important to put the right colour because it can make product fly off the shelves and mark downs the return cost to manufacturer. Consumer’s perception and use of colour are cultural and highly individual that shows in colour clothing of their wardrobe. A basic colour of everyone closet is black because almost of people is avoid to making the wrong colour choice, but sometime most of people don’t know how to match to combination of colour for top and pants. Furthermore, colour of the product is the first impact to people’s eyes. The single colour will look more complete when it matches with other colour. The way people are using colour in an unexpected context can deliver the look of new and fresh.



Fig.5 – How Men and Women See Colours

      Social and cultural are the main factor that influence the way of using colour. In term of gender, male and female see colour in different view. From the research showed male prefers the colour blue to red, and orange to yellow, while female prefers the colour red to blue, and yellow to orange. Women tends to have a broader range of colour more open than men. (Scott-Kemmis,2009) Woman see the colour in more variety shade. By the same token, aged has an affect to the colour language to the market. For instance, the research showed teenager and young adult influenced by cultural which due to multiculturalism and greater access to world markets through the Internet. (Scott-Kemmis,2009) They are open to experimenting with more sophisticated and complex colours. While, adult age after twenty five are less open to experimenting with colour, tending to stick with their favourite. Eighteen to twenty five age are the best range of age that people can find their own personal style.

However, colour is the first thing to be noticed. It is a symbolic that add more impact to every products. Colour trend in fashion can be seen in the graphic elements which can classify in catagories. For instance, the trend of nature that focuses on fruit, leaf, flower, animals and landscape. It try to represent the beauty of nature in a freshness of modern life. They bring a shape from natural to product the products. Moreover, graphic and graffiti trend are giving sharp edge of colourful colour from the street, advertisement, billboard and typography poster. From overall, colour can show the new ways to play on design and add more fun elements pass through environment surrounding our life.

It can be seen from the above analysis that, people use the colours which are inspired from everything they have seen, so people usually can find the way to push themselves into the ways of colour. Colour can inspire and express the new way in our life, which is fresh and more adorable. Personal branding is represented by using a style and perfect outfit. If people understand why the colour is important, they can also understand and interpret the colours that surround us. Colour is the experience, which we learn from sophisticated world. It improve moods and create an identical for people.


In conclusion, personal branding can be improving by using colour of clothing. Every people have to wear cloth but most of them doesn’t know how to express their brand. People can create their own colour to represent themselves as a unique person. To be unique, impression and memorable suppose to create a different look. Clothing is a first thing that people will recognize, so the colour and style are very important. Different colours give the different meaning and mood. The reflect from the colour can help people to understand and notice the meaning of colour. Therefore, Colour can buildup a personality. It is the simply way to make people notice and remember who you are. Whereas, the first step to walk out from the comfort zone of oneself is not easy. People cannot change their habit in just one day, but they can start to play with colour in the easy ways. People can start asking themselves about their own favourite colour and open minded to see the new way to have fun with mix and match on their closet. The way people see the colour can deliver the way of to mix different source of cloth. The colour that not go well together can be the new alternative ways of wearing clothes. Style represent brand and brand represent by people. We always notice the people who has their own style and impress with their cloth so self-confidence is the first word that everybody have to keep in mind. Wearing colourful is inspiring and refreshing the monotonous life. Although the dull colour including black, grey, brown and navy is the basic colour that everyone wear, people should have another bright colour to mix and match. Colourful colour is added more playfulness to the closet. Unique colour of clothing can make a style and create brand identity for people who can become more special among the same group of people.



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