Project proposal

Project Proposal: Team Brief

Aegis Data Design Proposal:

Aegis Data is a new data company based in Godalming, United Kingdom. It forms a highly secure, resilient and efficiently cooled data centre environment, providing power, space, freedom and peace of mind for its customers with 24/7 online access. Aegis Data has a plan to expand their company in the near future and become a leader in their field. To support the development, Aegis Data needs an impressive brand personality.

Aegis Data deals with big data for large and medium sized companies. They are essentially a B-to-B service model. Which means that their target audience are the founders/owners/decision makers of those organisations. But Aegis Data can also benefit from the word-of-mouth communication campaigning from all kind of people like engineers who work on those organisations, and employees of Aegis Data itself. Aegis Data needs positive reinforcement by all parties to help the critical decision-maker take that step and choose Aegis Data to store their data.

The target audience can be considered to be large to medium sized enterprises and SME companies

Overall objectives:

– Establish a sound marketing strategy for Aegis Data. Make suggestions on where to invest time and money, apart from wherever it is already being done.

– Highlight the security and safe location, promote new technology and good service and provide a service that makes data appear less complex, more intriguing and more human.

– Brand concept and strategy – establish an effective way to tell the story of Aegis Data to reach large key audiences and evoke a positive emotional response.

– Produce an effective visual identity

– Suggest a suitable brand temperament. The quality of voice to use for the expression of ideas.

– Produce an attractive animated sequence that explains the importance of data storage.

– Consider how Aegis Data can incorporate green issues into its offer.

Desired Responses:

– Make Aegis Data the ‘talk of town’.

– Provoke the target decision-maker to invest in Aegis Data.

Team members and roles:

• Navmeet Singh Marketing strategist        • Chen Li Website Content Management

• Eunice Chen Green agenda                      • Pear Chavisa Corporate branding

• Nick Chi Lee Illustrator/Animator                • Tiantian Wang Illustrator/Animator

• Victoria Wang Aegis Data history


Pear Chavisa: Corporate branding

Aegis Data needs an impressive corporate identity to stand out form its competitors. Currently Aegis uses an inconsistent mix of graphic elements and messages on its website. The current corporate identity does not make people notice and understand the company ethos.

In order to address these problems, a corporate identity would be designed to give Aegis strong, consistent corporate branding, which is unique, fresh and stands out in a competitive market, It needs to be modern, energetic and dynamic. The conceptual inspiration is ‘The Creative Virtual World’.

In order to achieve these objectives, we will produce designs for

– corporate identity (logo, corporate elements and colour schemes, stationery)


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