Collecting my ideas

Mood and tone of my project !!!

mood board

Today I try to discuss with myself about my project… How can I make it more clear? I decided to make one mood board to tell what am I going to do? As I can see myself, It full fill with all colourful items and it look fun and fantastic. For me, colour can inspire our life. I feel fresh and confident to go out with this kind of things.  When I do research, I has found this website ” ” . They are a designer, which based on New york and London. Their work is fantastic and full with dot and stripe (my favourite). They are so inspired and showed up the way to fill some fun and colour in their design.

Screen Shot 2557-02-25 at 8.23.10 PM

Screen Shot 2557-02-25 at 10.42.16 PM

This is an interesting website. It’s taking about pattern inspiration.!!!

colour iconic2

This is my colour collection from fashion blogger who inspired the way to wear colourful cloth. I had choose 5 of them to be my case study and show how different colour of clothes that their wear can become unique in style? Form this chart, it can show their personal style which give and idea of colour mix and match. I think this can be develop to create own personal colour style that can adapt to use in daily life. I came up with an ideas to crate a graphic pattern that inspired from the colour and shape of clothes that fashion blogger wear.



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