Design proposal

Design Proposal

By Chavisa Piankit

Title : Corporate identity for Aegis Data Company

Background :

Aegis Data is the new data company which base on Godalming, United Kingdom. It is deliver highly secure, resilient and efficiently cooled data centre environments. Aegis Data provide power, space, cooling and security for costumer service. Aegis Data has a plan to expand their company in future for support to step up as leading data company. To support the development, Aegis data need a good branding design, which is the main identity that will cover company look and remind people to remember and understand about Aegis data.

Problem :

• Aegis data used many mix source of graphic elements
• Aegis is lacked of corporate identity that make people notice and understand their company

Objective :

• For make Aegis data to have more strong corporate identity for branding which consistent with the organization.

Target group :


• Enterprise and SME company

• Middle and big business company


• Need strong security

• Like new technology and good service

• Be aware about flooding

Concept : The Creative Virtual World

Support :

Aegis data will provide the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable and benevolent source, which connecting 24/7 online access. Design will bring data become more live and humanity.

Mood&tone : modern, energetic, dynamic

Outcome : Corporate design (logo,corporate colour, stationary),

Corporate communication (Public relation, information sign)

Desired Responses : Have a corporate identity that unique, fresh and stand out in their competitive market.

Scope / Media type : (Branding Design , Corporate identity, animation, media History , story , Marketing strategy)


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