Developing idea of FMP

Research question:

How the perception of shape and colours are inspired our daily life?


 Field of study:

Theory of colour             Colour and personality

Colour psychology          Colour for luck and believe

Colour combination         Colour and healing

Experiment of colour       Colour and shape

 Context :

This project aim to research the visual perception of colour, which affect to lifestyle, personality that based on beliefs and psychology of colours. It tries to persuade people to learn basic fundamental knowledge of using colour in the real life. The project will invite people to play and have more fun with their colour in life by creating their own personal attitude and express personality through colour. People can create they own colour look, which different and new in everyday.


List of reading book;

Colour The complete book of colour             Colour: The Secret Influence

Colour Therapy: how colour work in design. Playing with color

Colour forecasting for fashion                       Colour

 Learning outcome:

Interactive Book >>

Part 1: Story about Colour

(referencing & research from theory of colour psychology)

Part 2: Interactive colour Fun & playing part

(7 days colour: trick & tip/experimental/colour for luck/colour for wear)

Screen Shot 2557-02-05 at 11.37.56 PM


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