Saving the world by fashion

Weaving sustainability into green cloth and textile

Online book  from page 20-29วารสารสื่อพลัง/วารสารสื่อพลัง%20-%20ปีที่%2021%20ฉบับที่%202/Volume2-2556_04-รากแก้ว.pdf


“Ethical fashion, a new fashion style underscoring, ‘ethic’ accountability toward people, society and environment has then risen.”

“.. the ethical fashion provides consumers another option to save the world by themselves starting from the cloth we choose to wear. Take a closer look to find out its original story behind it and discover how much you know.”

“…we as the consumers using the cloth as one of the main requisite in everyday life, can also make a chance in our own cloth so as to create sustainable option for this planet.”

“Water Footprint Network disclosed that only one 250-gram-cotton shirt requires 160 grams of pesticide and 2,720 litters of water production.”

Make change by our own cloth

– buy second hand can prolong the life if cloth before they become worthless waste.

– focus on quality

– do D.I.Y. to make your own style and have fun with your old cloth

This article make us look back and see the past and the present. Everything we do has an affect to our future. We have to think more and care more about our environment because everything is circle.



Tapoot of Virtue (2011) Saving the world by Fashion: Weaving Sustainability into green Cloth and Textile [Power The Thought] From: (Accessed on 08.01.14)


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