Portabello market

Sat 12nd oct ’13

I have been to portabello market in London.

It’s very big market. We spent almost 4-5 hours to walk along the street.

It had many kinds of things such as antique , vintage fashion and foods.


one of my favourite .. “Letter Press”

I think, the stuffs in that market is a bit expensive.

If you compare it with car boot sale in other town, it’s totally cheap.

I recommended to take some cash with you.

I’m sure that you ‘re gonna spend a lot of money with many cute things there



waiting victoria .. to find her favourite postcard


my outfit of the day 🙂

Happy , enjoy & love


once upon a time in Farnham

Screen Shot 2556-10-06 at 1.11.21 AM

This is my friend’s video made in UCA Farnham.

It reminds me about our life & our plan.

now,,, It’s a time that I have to think about my life plan.

“Where are you, where have you come from, where are you going?”

I have to find out..!!!!





Finding the Subject

Area of topic: 

Paper – history of paper, paper craft, paper experiment, if you wear that paper

Fabric story – pattern, structure, fashion paper, 60s

Playing – ideas , how you can use process of design?,

nature of creativity, why does we play?

Inspiration area :

– nothing ‘s off limits , anything  , anywhere

– follow your instants , pick the thing that immediately reaction

– embrace fantasy, don’t stop & analyse what your selecting.

Ideas and inspiration:

f4a767afe42363482fb8211420c65c55 Zoe Keramea-Spikey Scarf-2007-04

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